Blood Battle Looms In Bayelsa Over Aghoro Royal Highness Installation 

…An exclusive from the creeks of Niger Delta 

By Binebai Princewill 

There seems to be a looming blood battle in Aghoro II community, Iduwini Kingdom, Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State if care is not taken by the Bayelsa State Government to quickly handle the situation. 

The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report that Aghoro II community is lately witnessing pockets of violence among indigenes of the community following a purported installation of His Royal Highness, Afro Biukeme, Kenediri 1 of Okun Aghoro II community in Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.  

A source who would not want his name to be mentioned in print from Aghoro II community told our reporter in confidence that His Royal Highness, Afro Biukeme, Kenediri the 1st was coronated inline with the customs and traditions of the community as the oldest man in Aghoro II community, Elder Pidiki Osuo led  the community to coronate Afro Biukeme as the Royal Highness of the community on the 15th of May 2021 in the community. 

It was learnt that, subsequently, Kenediri the 1st, Highness Afro Biukeme had according to the customs and traditions guiding the Okun Aghoro II community Royal Highness position right from ages conferred chieftaincy titles to deserving sons and daughters of the community.

When asked on the reasons behind such activities in the community, our source said it is simply history that is repeating itself in the community, stressing that it was so during the time of Joseph Konyefa as the Highness of the community when he was dethroned by others in 2009, January 16th. 

He narrated that Joseph Konyefa, a former Royal Highness was dethroned after reigning for three (3) years following series of allegations from some members of the community. 

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However, he maintained that it was in similar circumstances that led to the rejection and detronment of His Royal Highness, Ibamugha Ojukosin by again  members of Aghoro II community, thus ushering in His Royal Highness, Afro Biukeme, Kenediri 1 of Okun Aghoro II community, Bayelsa State. 

Nevertheless, the emergence of Highness Afro Biukeme and how Ibamugha Ojukosin was dethroned did not also go down well with some members of the community hence anarchy hangs in the community as counter and cross counter groups begins to spring up in the community capable of causing restiveness and instability with both groups at loggerheads. 

The real trouble started Tuesday 29th of June 2021 when Nigeria Police Force in Naval gunboats stormed the community in a broddalight with two (2) heavily harmed gunboats that moved to the palace of Afro Biukeme to whisked away seven (7) indigenes loyal to the new Highness of the community to Yenagoa as authorities in the area said the people are yet to be released, thereby causing panic among residents. 

According to Highness Afro Biukeme who personally hinted The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide on the turn of events bedeviling the community, he alleged that while  (1) Chief Saturday Bazigha, (2) Guyford Amafaye, (3)Moses Abeke, (4)Chief Doctor Bosine, (5)Ebi Biukeme, (6)Big Joe Fred as well as (7)Arerepade are still in the custody of Nigerian Soldiers in Yenagoa, he also stated that during the military raid in his palace at Okun Aghoro II community, they also looted money in the palace $400,000, #2.7million, jewelries worth #3.3 million as well as royal bids of #6.7 million.

Biukeme noted that so many properties in his palace has been destroyed and desecrated by the Police officers  and would need traditional purification.

Meanwhile, he has called for the unconditional release of his kinsmen held by the Nigeria Police Force , stressing that the Bayelsa State Government and all relevant stakeholders in Bayelsa must be sincere enough to urgently wade into the matter before it snowballed into something else. 

He particularly cautioned the Nigeria Police not to be willing tools to anyone and should not be used to commit all manner of atrocities to disrespect sacred  institutions and attack defenceless citizens, warning that such act must stop. 

However, in our bid to have a balance report on the matter, all efforts geared towards reaching out to Ibamugha Ojukosin and some political leaders in the area proves abortive. 

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