BREAKING: Diving Technology Bill Sponsored By Pondi Passes First Reading

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Federal  Institute for Diving Technology, Sokebolou (Establishment) Bill, 2022 (HB. 1906) Sponsored by Honourable Julius G. Pondi passes First Reading in the House of Representatives today 22nd March, 2022. 

If successfully passed the bill  seeks to establish the following objects:

 (a) to encourage the advancement of learning and research and to hold out all persons, the opportunity of acquiring a higher education in diving technology; 

(b) to  act as agent and catalyst, through training, research and innovation for the effective and economic utilization, and conservation of Nigeria’s natural and human resources;

 (c) to develop and offer academic and professional programmes leading to the award of diplomas, higher national diplomas, and other deserving certificates in diving and related fields of study in diving;

 (d) to identify the diving problems and needs of Nigeria and to find solutions to them within the context of overall national development; 

(e) to offer academic programs in relation to the training of manpower in diving in seas, oceans, rivers etc in Nigeria;

 (f) to organize research and studies relevant to training in diving with emphasis on ocean, sea, and river diving;

 (g) to organize rescue services and out-reach programs for technology transfer; 

(h) to establish institutions linkages in order to foster collaboration and integration of training, research and rescue activities; and 

(i) to do such things as may be appropriate to achieving the objects of the Institute.

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