BREAKING: Gen Bounanawei To Be Coronated As King Of Izonebe Chief Priests Worldwide

By Binebai Princewill 

A former Niger Delta warlord, self styled Gen. Godday Smith, popularly known as Gen. Bounanawei, alias King of the forest will be coronated as the King of all traditional chief priests in Ijaw nation Worldwide.

Gen. Bounanawei made the disclosure yesterday during a media chat with The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide in Warri. 

The former Niger Delta warlord, Bounanawei took his time to explain that the official coronation will be taking place on the 25th of September 2021 at Gbekebor, Ogbolubiri-Mein Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

According to him, besides his proposed coronation as King of all chief priests in Ijaw nation Worldwide, Bounanawei said there is also going to be the official inauguration of the maiden executive members of the association.

He said the group will be known as “IZON -EBE  TRADITIONAL CHIEF-PRIESTS  ASSOCIATION.”

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 In his words,  the exco members to be inaugurated include:  1. Chief Priest, Godwin  Oroupade,  chairman.  2. Chief Priest, Izon-bode Newton,  v c .3. Chief Priest. Akpodese  Lawyer, sec.  4. Chief Priest, Enefugha  Saibakumor, speaker. 5. Chief Priest , Gibson  Akari, treasurer. 6. Chief Priest , Kerewere  Kirifagha,  Sp. Adviser. 7. Chief Priest . Pumor  Mekoru,  Adviser. 8. Chief Priest – Aaron  Eke, Adviser. 9. Chief Priest, Embassy  Ogbowei, Adviser. 10. Chief Priest Francis  .E. Kemepade, Adviser. 11. Chief Priest, Collins  Ayepreotubo, Adviser.

When asked on the reason behind the formation of the association, Bounanawei said the Ijaw culture and its tradition is fast fading away, stressing that the group will no doubt revive, protect and preserve the Ijaw culture in Nigeria and beyond.  

In his words: “Our mission is To revive the dying culture and tradition of Ijaw nation for the growth and development of the Ijaws.

“It is tradition that owns Ijaw nation, Izon means truth, other tribes are not playing with their traditions, Ijaws cannot continue to abandon our original way of life. This will be our major mandate as an association” Bounanawei stated. 

Speaking further, the proposed King also clarified that the formation of the group is not to carry out any form of violent agitation but to rather unite the Ijaw people by protecting and preserving her culture and tradition, stressing that several meetings have been held among chief priests in Ijaw before getting to this point of coronation and inauguration of a king and Exco. 

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