Burutu Community To Inaugurate New Leadership November 15

By Binebai Princewill 

Following the election/selection process of members of the Burutu Community Executive Elect and the subsequent confirmation of the nominated members by the entire community, it has been decided that the new exco will be inaugurated on December 15th 2021 in the community. 

Engr. Amino Suyei, Vice Chairman Elect

The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report that the nominated members that will form the Burutu Community Executive was screened and confirmed yesterday by all members of the community at the new Community Town Hall, facilitated by Hon. Julius Pondi, member representing Burutu Federal Constituency, House of Representatives.

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It would be recalled that the screening and confirmation exercise was presided over and coordinated by the current chairman of the community, Comr. Pondy Ebipadewei Stainless.

However, the new exco members that will be piloting the affairs of Burutu Community for the next two years after the November 15 inauguration include Comr. Ekisah Hermen Ebizimor, Chairman, Engr. Aminu Suyei, Vice Chairman, Mr. Perepigha Podoki, Secretary General, Mr. Kennedy Resident, Assistant Secretary, Mr. Dowell Preye, Treasurer and Mr. Ziakegha Peter, Public Relations Officer (PRO).

Meanwhile, when contacted, Comr. Hermen Ekisah on his plans to tackle the multifaceted underdevelopmental woes confronting the ancient community, he had vowed not to leave any stone unturned, stressing that he is aware of all the issues bedeviling the community hence he will be addressing them one after the other strategically with his exco members and the larger community. 

Speaking further, Ekisah had promised to consolidate on the positive strides of Comr. Pondy’s led administration, adding that his era will a new dawn for the community. 

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