Charity: How Dekawei Foundation Splashed N100,000,00 For Nine Month Old Baby Abandoned By Mother 

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By Binebai Princewill 

In what has become a huge shock to people in Delta State, again the John Dekawei Foundation (JDF) has on Wednesday splashed a whopping sum of N100,000,00 (hundred thousand naira) for the upkeep of a nine (9) months old baby abandoned by his  biological mother. 

Group photo John Dekawei Foundation & Madam Gold Igbinoba, Baby Grate and friends

According to Madam Gold Igbinoba, an indigene of Ekpan community in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State who hinted The Liberator Newspapers on how she became the foster mother of the nine months old  baby called Grate Igbinoba, she asserted that the matter started last year. 

She continued that as a business woman, she use to supply meat and other related things to her customers around Ijaghala community in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State, stressing that it was on one fateful day when she got to the community and saw the mother of the nine month old baby called Ebimo receiving series of beating from her mother. 

Founder/Chairman of John Dekawei Foundation (JDF)
Madam Gold Igbinoba, Baby Grate and Princewill from the John Dekawei Foundation

Mrs Gold Igbinoba hinted our reporter that the torture was so intense that at a point the mother of Ebimo who is supposed to be the grand mother of baby Grate have to throw her daughter who was then pregnant with the baby out of the house. 

Gold Igbinoba maintained that despite all plea from bystanders and around the neighbourhood of the community to prevail on the mother of Ebimo to forgive her for committing whatever offense, the mother continued to pay deaf ear to all those who pleaded with her including madam Gold Igbinoba who has been a customer for long proves to be unsuccessful. 

Speaking further, Gold Igbinoba noted that for the love she has for human life, she couldn’t endure the torture reigned on Ebimo any longer before something terrible could happened to her as Ebimo has been thrown out of the house too due to the pregnancy, hence she has to take Ebimo to her house in the Warri axis. 

Baby Grate Igbinoba

She narrated that as at when Ebimo was taken to her place, she was already three months pregnant, stressing that it was one issue to the other in ensuring that the baby inside the belly is strong and the mother too lives healthy, pointing out that it was tough and challenging but the Lord Almighty made it possible for Ebimo to deliver the baby under a very rough experience successfully. 

Gold told our reporter that it was like a drama when Ebimo after delivering the child with whom father of the baby is even unknown later abandoned the male child Grate Igbinoba one month after delivery. 

Igbinoba, Grate and Princewill

The foster mother of Grate asserted that life has really dealt with her in her bid to take care of the baby, she recounted some experiences where at a point due to some health challenges of the baby, she had to spend her whole house rent on the baby and was nearly thrown out of her apartment by her land lord. 

Gold revealed that even her store rent was not spared in ensuring that she takes care of the baby, adding that things was so tough with her that she had to sell off all her jewelries and expensive clothes to take care of her immediate needs. 

At other instance, Gold Igbinoba revealed that she has two children while one is aged 22 the other is 24 all in different universities, stressing that there was a time her children could not even go to school because of money, thereby causing setback in their academic journey. 

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Group photo John Dekawei Foundation & Madam Gold Igbinoba, Baby Grate and friends

Madam Gold Igbinoba asserted that the mother of Grate and his maternal grand mother her all Ijaw people but reside in Ijaghala community, near Ifie in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State. 

In another development, Gold said after abandoning the baby for her, there was a time she managed to see mother of the baby Ebimo and was able to hold her and later took her to her parents but surprise greeted her when the parents later let Ebimo flee without any trace, adding that till date, the whereabouts of Ebimo is unknown. 

She stressed that she has been the only one taking care of the baby until the John Dekawei Foundation (JDF) is now coming to surprise her with a whopping sum of N100, 000,00, adding that the mother of Ebimo is not even talking to her even if she tries to and that she is doing all she is doing for the baby for God and the love of humanity. 

Group photo John Dekawei Foundation & Madam Gold Igbinoba, Baby Grate and friends

However, in her appreciation message shortly after receiving the N100,000,00 cash gift, Madam Gold Igbinoba had prayed to the Lord Almighty to increase John Dekawei financially, stressing that  he shall get whetever that he is looking for, praying that the Lord Almighty shall fight away and trouble all his physical and spiritual enemies and that only good things shall happen to him in his life.

Meanwhile, Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill who represented the John Dekawei Foundation (JDF) noted that founder and chairman of the foundation, Amb. John Dekawei was shocked beyond words when he heard about the issue hence as a good man that he has always been could not sleep as he doled out N100,000,00 for the upkeep of the baby. 

Baby Grate Igbinoba

The John Dekawei Foundation had assured Madam Gold Igbinoba that the foundation will see what can be done whenever the need arises to assist the baby as he continue to grow in good health. 

It would be recalled that the N100,000,00 cash gift from the John Dekawei Foundation, presented to Madam Gold Igbinoba for the upkeep of baby Grate was presented yesterday at the store of Gold at Ebrumede in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State to the amusement of all in the area. 

Nevertheless, The Liberator Newspapers can report that this is not the first time the John Dekawei Foundation is undertaking such a humanitarian gesture, his good deeds caught across erecting of borehole to farmers in Ebonyi state, payment of medical bills to patients in Edo State, medical bills of patients in Warri, buying of lands to people, provision of relief materials to rural dwellers during the novel coronavirus lockdown, payment of house rents to countless people with the host of other humanitarian activities. 

Dekawei is an angel in human form – Ebolo 

Senior Special Assistant to the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) President Worldwide,  Comr. Ebolo Samuel has on his part described Amb. John Dekawei, founder and chairman of the John Dekawei Foundation as an angel in human form. 

He said he has been keenly following the humanitarian gestures of Dekawei for some time now, stressing that his heart is as pure as gold, adding that the entire Ijaw nation is proud of him.

Ebolo who addressed the press yesterday at Ebrumede in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State after the presentation of the N100,000,00 cash gift for  the upkeep of baby Grate Igbinoba asserted that for Dekawei to react so fast in such manner with such amazing amount shows that he is an extraordinary person. 

“May God continue to bless him for the general good of the human race”.

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