Communal Clash: Olodiama, Ikoro Alerts Governor Obaseki On Looming Insecurity

By Binebai Princewill 

Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) in Olodiama Kingdom and the people of Ikoro community,  Edo State have called on His Excellency, Mr. Goodwin Obaseki, Governor of Edo State and relevant security agencies to call Obazuwa community to order over encroaching on their land and destroying properties. 

This was contained in a statement jointly signed by Comr. Sam Ebiwana, IYC Chairman, Olodiama Clan, Edo state and Hon. Ayebi Dengiri, Interim Chairman, Ikoro community, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide yesterday. 

The duo had in the statement noted that their quietness should not be taken for granted, stressing that the frequent attacks from Obazuwa community is becoming something else, adding that if nothing is quickly done on the part of Edo State Government and security agencies, they might be forced to fight back in order to protect themselves from the alleged invaders. 

Ebiwana and Ayebi had wondered on why the Edo State Government and security agencies in the state have continued to remain silent on the raging matter, stressing that actions should be taken immediately by authorities otherwise it may lead to something else. 

The statement reads in full below:

Our attention has been drawn  by the Elders, Youths and the Interim Community Chairman of Ikoro Community, the Headquarter of Olodiama Clan.  That on the 14th  of July 2021, while our Pere(King) was celebrating his feast  with  the indigenes of the Clan that  cuts across the six communities to mark the end of the first half of the year in his Palace.

While in the mood of the celebration, we learnt Obazuwa Community came into our territory, encroached into a particular land that we Ikoro community sold to TOUGH ENGINEERING PROPERTIES AND CONSTRUCTION Limited and  pull off their signboard, destroyed a lot of things, like GB Tanks and other of their equipments. 

They also went further to  set ablaze the security post in that vicinity in their quest of claiming  ownership of the area.

We sincerely use this medium to appeal to the appropriate authorities to come in as a matter of urgency. We know our people, the Ijaws are peace loving and law abiding, however, it shouldn’t be taken for granted by the Obazuwa Community otherwise we would be forced to react. 

We feel is  high time the world see what we have been experiencing from  the hand of this Obazuwa Bini Community.

The fact that we have been respecting the law, does not mean we can’t challenge them, or we kept mute does not mean we are afraid  of their nefarious acts. 

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We want to once again appeal to the appropriate authorities to call them to order. This barbaric act of attacking our people, obstructing and depriving the developers work should be stopped. The Obazuwa people are quick at running to the media to get quick attention from the public and like blackmailing we the Ijaws. 

The Ijaw Youths council (IYC) Olodiama Clan, is using this medium to call on Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki, all the Security Aparatus across Edo state and the  Federal Government to call Obazuwa Bini Community to order and  stay clear from anything that has to do with IKORO COMMUNITY.

We say enough is enough of their intimidation and atrocities. 

Let it be known, if they continue with their negative act,  false allegation against us (IKORO COMMUNITY) we shall have no  choice than to face them. 

We are even tired of their name  callings. You can even imagine   useless names, that we are SETTLERS and and good enough, the security agency are aware of all that. Hence we are  using this particular time to call on the security agency to quickly call this people to order, before it will lead to crisis or Bloodshed 


Comrade Sam Ebiwana



Honorable Ayebi Dengiri

Interim Chairman, Ikoro community.

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