Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

Dede distance self from report linking him as signatory in OKYC power tussle – The Liberator

By Binebai Princewill

A youth leader in Ogulagha Kingdom, Mr. Roland Dede has distanced himself from report linking him as a signatory in the Ogulagha Kingdom Youth Council, OKYC leadership tussle.

Mr. Dede issued the disclaimer to newsmen earlier today in Warri, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper personally signed by him.

According to him, the disclaimer becomes necessary owing to the fact that he is a man with many ambitions, stressing that at his level, he won’t be part of any arrangement that will cause division in the Kingdom other than preaching peace, love and unity.

He maintained that he was shocked to have received series of calls from youths in Ogulagha kingdom over a publication allegedly authored by the Media Committee of OKYC where he signed as secretary.

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The Ogulagha Kingdom born visionary youth leader explained further that although he is part of the Media Committee of OKYC but noted that how the content was developed and everything concerning the publication he was not consulted neither was he aware.

He maintained that he can’t take responsibility of what he knows nothing about, stressing that if he must even talk about the power play rocking the revered Ogulagha Kingdom Youth Council is that he will always be on the side of preaching peace.

Mr. Roland also warned that henceforth he should not be dragged into such quagmire without his consent, adding that he is a man with principle and will be responsible for whatever action that he takes.

“I can’t take responsibility of something I know nothing about, yes there is leasership tussle rocking our apex youth body and all I would want to do if I have the power is to preach peace, love and unity which may lead to resolving the entire saga ” Dede stated.

Speaking further, Roland had further stated that his publication should not be misconstrued by any quarter, stressing that he does not belong to any faction in the impasse.

He stated that the youths in Ogulagha Kingdom must give peace a chance as the ceaseless bickerings will lead the Kingdom nowhere as he will always stand on the side of peace.

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