Delta 2023: INC Disowns Ijaw Mandate Group, Says Ijaw Governor Very Feasible

By Binebai Princewill 

The Ijaw National Congress (INC), highest body covering all Ijaws Worldwide have cautioned and disowned a body identified as the Ijaw Mandate Group (IMG) for allegedly stating that Ijaw quest to produce the next Governor of Delta State come 2023 is not feasible. 

The revered parent body in Ijaw nation reiterated that while the purported Ijaw Mandate Group lacked the power to state the position of Ijaws in Delta State, it stressed that the stance of the INC will always be an Ijaw Governor come 2023, adding that there is no going back on the 2023 Ijaw Governor in Delta State Agenda as the quest to produce the next Governor of the state is very feasible and inline with both the rotational policy of the PDP and any way one would want to look at it.  

The umbrella body of the Ijaws Worldwide made this known to newsmen in Warri yesterday via a statement signed by Engr. Ezonebi Oyakemeagbegha, Publicity Secretary of the Ijaw National Congress (INC) Worldwide, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide. 

The statement had cautioned the Ijaw Mandate Group to stop peddling lies against the INC, stressing that there was never a time that the said group came to consult the INC and its president where they were told to do so by speaking on behalf of the Ijaw People in Delta State. 

However, the Prof. Benjamin Ogele Okaba led INC had noted that the INC and all well meaning Ijaw sons in Delta State only recognised the “Delta Ijaw For 2023 Governor”  lobby group headed by Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, former Police Affairs Minister is the only authorised group to make statement on the position of the Ijaw nation on 2023 Delta governorship.

The statement particularly called on all well meaning Ijaw sons and daughters, lovers of the Ijaw 2023 Governorship Agenda in Delta State and members of the general public to completely disregard remarks made by the Ijaw Mandate Group, adding that it was simply the imagination of the IMG, as it did not represent the opinion of the Ijaw nation.

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The statement reads below:


The attention of the Ijaw National Congress (INC) has been drawn to an online media publication entitled: ‘Ijaw Agitation For 2023 Governorship Not Feasible’ credited to the Ijaw Mandate Group (IMG)

Let it be known that it is only the 2023 Lobby Group led by former Police Affairs Minister, Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, is authorized to speak on the politics of 2023 as it concerned the Ijaw nation, IMG lacked the mandate to make a statement on the position of the Ijaw nation on 2023 Delta governorship. 

INC remained committed to pursuing the Ijaw 2023 agenda of producing the next Governor of Delta state and would follow the cause to its logical conclusion.   

The INC President acknowledged the right of every ethnic nationality in Delta to indicate interest in the governorship of the state, but pointed out that Delta South, and the Ijaws in particular, should be allowed to produce the next Governor given their contributions to and support for the emergence of the former and present Governors of the state.

The IMG should  exercise restraint in making statements on 2023 Delta governorship. The entire Ijaw nation and Deltans should disregard the purported support of the Dagidi Andaye – led group for DC-23 and its agenda and throw their weight behind the Ijaw 2023 mandate to make the Ijaw Governor a reality.

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