Delta 2023: IYC President Warns UPU President Omene Not To Dare Ijaws 

President general of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, Dcn (Comr. ) Peter Timothy Igbifa, has warned the Urhobo Progressive Union (UPU) President, Chief Joe Omene to desist from acts described as insulting the sensibilities of the Ijaw nation in Delta State. 

The Ijaw Youth Council president, Igbifa made the assertion in a rejoinder issued to newsmen in Yenagoa, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers. 

The rejoinder reads in full below:

RE: Urhoro Progressive Union President Should Desist From Insulting The Sensitivity Of Ijaw People. 

Chief Joe Omene, President Urhobo Progressive Union worldwide, I am so disappointed perusing through your unorganized publication doctored to misguide the gullible by tarnishing the Ijaws as not having the moral justification to vie for the Delta State Governorship Election in 2023.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have responded to watery statement of this kind  but as the President of the most organised, coordinated and honoured ethnic nationality worldwide, it is necessary i put the records straight to you that your statement did not only insult the collective sensibilities of the Ijaws but capable of division among two ethnic nationalities that have longed enjoyed benefits of togetherness.

It is so immature of you to opined that Ijaws cannot be entrust with power because they are minority in Delta state, need you not be told that the economic mainstay of Delta state is crude oil? That the ijaws you refers as minority produces over 50% of it to the development of the region?

Is it not wickedness on your part not to applauds the people whose resources the government is using to developed roads for Uhrobo Nation whilst the people living in object poverty? 

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That you not good student of history shouldn’t blind your sense of judgement in logical reasoning. Urhobo nation over the years have enjoyed the supports of Ijaw Nation in achieving their governorship ambition, it is only right that the Uhrobos should reciprocate such gesture towards to her sister Nation instead of causing hatred with her tongue.

Former President Jonathan Ebele became president in Nigeria as Ijaw man? Tell me if we were minority or majority in the country before holding the highest office and performed excellently well? Again, are the Itsekiris the majority when their son Dr. Eweta Udughan ruled Delta state for eight (8) years? Where was the Uhrobo Nation President then? 

We talked about nepotism in our country yet cannot practice what we preached, rather decided to path the line of unfairness just to undo fellow brothers in same state because of population margin. 

It’s unfortunate you are seeking for unnecessary attention which will not be given to you by we Ijaws, hence I will advise you to concentrate purely on issue base campaign for your preferred candidate and not statement of acrimony and bitterness.

Historically, the Ijaw  man since the creation of Delta state has never been opportune to manned the office of the governor yet we have made that medium possible for our sister nations through our block votes. What is wrong for the Ijaw man to demand for his rights? 

On this note I am appealing to the Delta state Government his excellency senator Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa   led government to disregard any sycophantic statement from anywhere be it Uhrobo National president or any other tribe from the Delta state  that may come with such  topic  but listening to the plea of the Ijaw people for equity and fairness in government. 

Dcn (Comr) Peter Timothy   Igbifa. 

President Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide

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