Delta: We Will Not Compromise 2023 Ijaw Governor, Development Of Our Communities –  Ijaw Comrades

By Ndu Samuel, Asaba 

An intellectually dogged and rugged group housing all Ijaw Comrades in Delta State operating under the aegis of Delta Ijaw Comrade Community (DICC) on Friday stated that it will not compromise its stance on Delta Ijaw Governor come 2023. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report. 

The group also asserted that its presence will be more visible in the media and other fora, stressing that the development of Ijaw communities would be paramount in its agitation in negotiating a better deal for the Ijaws of Delta State. 

However, president of the Ijaw Comrade Community, Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill had hinted members of the group via a massively attended general meeting of the Delta Ijaw Comrade Community in Warri Delta State on Friday that the level of development ongoing in the  state while making comparison with what is on ground in the Ijaw areas, he noted that the level of development is not commensurable. 

The comrades in their various assertions during the meeting noted that truly the Ijaws have nothing much to celebrate when the Ayakoromo bridge is yet to be completed and commissioned. Stressing that it is becoming worrisome to see that Governor Okowa is yet to mobilise contractor handling the Ogulagha-Odimodi road despites its approval several months ago. 

They particularly suggested  that the Governor should site faculties from  the newly established three universities in the state to Ijaw communities like Ogulagha, Bomadi, Patani, Egbema, Ogbe-Ijoh and other areas as the case may be to make the Ijaws have a sense of belonging in the state to accommodate the interests of Ijaws. 

Speaker after speaker had reiterated that His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State should  make provision to upgrade the Delta State School of Marine Technology, Burutu in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State to a full fledged state owned University,  stressing that funds should be released for the building of structures in the permanent site of the institution  in Burutu, regretting that since its start of academic activities in 2011, the institution is yet to have any complete structure in the permanent site. 

Nevertheless, the meeting resolved that a letter should be written to the Delta State Governor for an audience to discuss the state of things bedeviling the Ijaws of Delta State, adding that the group is in total support for an Ijaw Governor come 2023.

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President general of the Delta Ijaw Comrade Community (DICC), Amb. Binebai Princewill Binebai asserted that the group is not trying to be sentimental but demanding for what is right for the Ijaws, he noted that over time, the Ijaws have always supported other  tribes from becoming Governors of the state, stressing that let it not be that the Ijaws are not capable or forbidden to handle the Governorship position of the state. 

He said the Ijaws have more than enough capable hands that have contributed dearly towards the growth and development of the state to handle the position, adding that the Ijaws are economically viable and cannot be allowed to play second fiddle all the time. 

He asserted that “this is not a sentimental matter, Delta State belongs to all of us, other tribes should see reasons with us to produce the next Governor of Delta State since all major tribes have produced Governor of the state exept the Ijaws, even a minority tribe has produced, the Ijaw case cannot be different and the time is now 2023”. 

“If we are all Deltans, under whatever strange arrangements, it is not nice to see that some tribes will be producing Governors more than once while others are yet to produce any Governor and we are a major tribe with capable hands politically and from an economically viable area that sustains the state and nation at large. As Ijaw people, we need fairness and egalitarianism along this regard “. Amb. Binebai Princewill Binebai stated. 

While speaking to Ijaw elders and politicians, Binebai  noted that it is not enough to agitate for an Ijaw Governor come 2023 but the modalities put in place to lobby others to support the Ijaw Governor agenda should be more paramount since we can’t do it alone. 

Meanwhile, the general meeting was the maiden meeting under the leadership of Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill since he took over the mantle of leadership in May 2021, the meeting  saw representatives of Ijaw Comrades from Burutu, Bomadi, Patani, Warri South West, Warri South and Warri North Local Government Areas of Delta State. 

High point of the meeting was the inauguration of a constitution drafting committee of the Delta Ijaw Comrade Community (DICC) that was given a mandate to deliver as soon as possible.

Other issues discussed include the setting up of the Delta Ijaw Comrade Community (DICC) mobile parliament to ensure that there is checks and balances in running the affairs of the revered group alongside a working constitution.

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