Dennis Otuaro will make a good Amnesty boss – Edonyah

By Binebai Princewill

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A Niger Delta based human rights activist, Comr. Romeo Edonyah has called on President Mohammadu Buhari to consider Chief Dennis Otuaro as a suitable replacement for Prof. Charles Dokubo to occupy the amnesty office as its coordinator.

Comr. Romeo made the plea yesterday via a statement issued to newsmen in Warri, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper.
The activist described Chief Dennis Otuaro as a man with impeccable character with the right understaning of the various issues relating to the Niger Delta region and the amnesty office in particular.
He had noted that the choice of Dennis will make more meaning and sense to the people of the region, stressing that the program will be well handled and will flourish to the glory of the present administration.
Describing the personality of Otuaro, Comr. Romeo maintained that Chief Dennis is a key stakeholder in the polity, noting that he was among the few that negotiated the amnesty package in 2009 with former president Yara’Adua.
In his words:”Making Chief Dennis Otuaro as the next coordinator of the presidential amnesty program is the right thing to do, Delta State has not occupied that office since the birth of the amnesty program, he is among the people, he has struggled and toiled for a better Niger Delta and it would only be proper for a man that understand’ s the pains of the people to occupy the office.
“The program is derailing because in recent times, people occupying the office are not products of the struggle hence they can’t do anything to fix it, we can’t continue to remain like this, we need people like Otuaro to put things in proper perspectives.”

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