Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Dialogue with Tompolo for total peace in Nigeria, Egbesu apostle advises FG 

Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo

The Federal Government of Nigeria has been advised by an Egbesu apostle, Ellington Bakumor to seek peace and dialougue with High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo for total peace in the country.

Apst Bakumor made the call earlier today while celebrating the birth of the former Niger Delta warlord, Tompolo in Warri on his birth anniversary.

He had particularly urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to drop all charges against Tompolo but to rather seek for reconciliation with Tompolo, noting that Niger Deltans will always stand by him as their leader.

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The tribute to Tompolo reads in full: “A Tribute to Tompolo Our Father , Hero And Legend 

“From the Ashes of Hopelessness of a People, the Ijaw people  , Oppressed , seen as second class , abandoned , forgotten by a nation that sucks us dry , impoverish us and expect us to say thank You , From the contaminated waters where we could no longer fish, bath or drink , and petroleum firms caring less about their landlords , when our bones became weak and our flesh fails of fatness all we could do was pray ,fast and cry , like the those who seem to be in their own land yet was as if they now lived in a strange land , we could no longer sing the song of Hope and of a brighter future  , once again all we could do was to cry, pray to the Almighty creator and to the Gods of our forefathers. 

“For our sake ,  for our good , the Good of the Ijaw people and the whole of the Niger Delta you have been Vilified , victimized, insulted , targeted, declared wanted by the Government of the day , You have suffered Isolation, deprivation, and all what not , because of your Genuine intention of seeking a better deal for We your people , you have carried the cross for all of us , we know your sacrifices, we know your cross , it is our cross you are carrying and we are grateful because we know how heavy this cross is and it is resting on your Shoulders , as we mark your birthday today , we recognize you we honor you, we celebrate you and we pray for you that you will live long for us and take us to the promise land of our dreams , your types were only read in History books as revolutionaries  in religious books as saviors, Prophets , warrior kings 👑  and Messiahs  and I for one am grateful to the divine to walk the earth the same time you did . 

“Then  like the greatest Miracle yet Came a messiah , a Jewish like messiah to save the Jewish messianic like Ijaw people , taking us from the land of Slavery of our captors and oppressors and took us out of the land of ignorance and extreme poverty , he told our stories to the world and gave us world wide recognition, bringing the world to hear our plight , he was called all sorts of names but he didn’t care , the freedom and of his people was his only concern , but we there were those who knew then and still know today that you Tompolo are God-sent , one sent directly by our Ancestors to rescue us from the Oppressive Powers that seek to continue enslaving us , impoverish us even in the midst of Plenty blessings that we sit upon , We know you Tompolo, Awo bo dau, our father , our liberator our emancipator , symbol of our Hope , of our freedom of our unity and of our greatness, our Pillar our messiah sent to take us to the promise State of Eldorado , Please Stay with us , Stay longer, and continue to bless us with Your Mighty Victorious and Wise Presence”. Ellington Bakumor had stated.

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