DICC Inaugurates New Leadership As Group Prepares To Engage Government On Development Of Ijaw Communities

The leadership of Delta Ijaw Comrade Community (DICC) has been inaugurated to peacefully and  constructively engage Delta State and Federal Governments respectively, as well as oil producing companies in Niger Delta on the need to bring the needed developments to  Ijaw Communities. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

The group said a lot of developmental projects are lacking in Ijaw communities and as members of the forth estate of the realm, they would use the media to bring to the public developmental issues that affect Delta Ijaw communities and Ijaw nation in general without fear or favour.

The Chairman of the inauguration ceremony, Dr.(Amb.) Ebitonmo Anthony Alapala who expressed his disappointment at the members representing Ijaw ethnic group at the Delta State House of Assembly, House of Representatives, Senate as well as the Deputy Governor of Delta State on their failure to make case for the establishment of one of the three newly established Universities in Delta State to be cited in the Ijaw area, stating that the group should put pressure on their representatives to appoint people who would give the group information that would help fight the Ijaw course.

Responding on behalf of the newly inaugurated Executives, the Chairman of DICC, Amb. Comr. Binebai Yerin Princewill stated that Ijaw nation had been bedeviled with so many developmental challenges and DICC had come to add values to other organs of Ijaw nation, to fight her course, and to put an end to those challenges. He promised that members would work collectively with INC and IYC, as well as partnering with other ethnic groups to achieve the dream of Ijaw nation.

Speaking at the occasion, the Grand Patron of the group High Chief Wellington Bobo urged members of the Executive to use their network to partner with other ethnic groups in Nigeria and diaspora in order to bring positive development to Ijaw nation, and they should be careful with politicians so that the aims and objectives of the group would not be jeopardized. 

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Speaking further, Chief Wellington said it  saddened his heart that Ijaw nation had not developed after waiting for hopeless hope in the past years, advising that DICC’s Chairman and other Executive Officers should be bold and unite to fight the Ijaw course to salvage Ijaw nation.

On his part, the National Public Relations Officer of the group and Peace Ambassador of Niger Delta, Peresine Watchman said, “DICC will look holistically the reasons the Ijaw Riverine Communities have been drinking water from the same river the people defecate and bathe, and why there are no good road networks in our Riverine Communities despite the fact that Ijaw nation contributes  high percentage of the wealth and revenue in Nigeria and Delta State, and we will work assiduously and harmoniously with other apex umbrella bodies in Ijaw nation to bring positive changes to our Communities.”

Comrade Perez Bibaikefie moved a motion mandating the Leadership of the group to carry out consultative and familiarization meetings with all political Leaders, Traditional Rulers and opinion Leaders in Ijaw nation, as well as the Leadership of INC and IYC. The motion was seconded by Comrade Mavis Bisoubou Ogisi and was unanimously adopted by everybody at the ceremony.

The Executive Officers of the group inaugurated by Cleric Alaowei Esq, are Amb. Comr. Binebai Yerin Princewill  as Chairman; Comrade Basil Ojobolo, Vice Chairman; Comrade Peter Udubor, Secretary; Peresine Watchman, PRO; Comrade Morris Esegha, Director of Mobility; Comrade Akowei Akpos, Provost; Comrade Tare Mgbei, Assistant Secretary; Comrade Abulu Jacob, Director of Social; Comrade Precious Lawyer, Woman Leader; and Comrade Bomi Boukan, Treasurer.

Meanwhile, the inauguration ceremony that was done at the group’s patron’s place saw the massive attendance of Ijaw Comrades from every corner including chieftains of the revered Ijaw Youth Council, students union leaders, youth leaders as well as others. 

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