Ebikeseiye Fumes Over Bill To Scrap Local Government, Says Sponsor Should Apologize To Nigerians

The deputy leader of the legislative arm of Sagbama Local Government Area of Bayelsa State Rt. Hon Comr Paul Ebikeseiye has described as disappointing a bill before the National Assembly seeking to scrap the Local government as third tier of government.

The Lawmaker who represents Sagbama ward 13 in the local government legislative arm also called on the sponsor of the bill Hon Solomon Bob from Rivers State to tender apology to Nigerians for engaging in such anti-people act.

Ebikeseiye stated these in an open letter to the National Assembly a copy of which was obtained by The Liberator Newspapers on Wednesday.

He maintained that the bill is not only anti people but a direct antagonism of governance at the grassroot.

He noted that the sponsor of the bill needs to be schooled on the many benefits and importance of the third thier  of government as a breeding ground for leaders.

The letter reads “I write to establish my deepest displeasure over a proposal before the Green Hallowed Chambers on the removal of Local Government Councils as third tiers of Government in Nigeria.”

“As Councillor representing the fabulous characters of Sagbama Ward 13 and Deputy Leader of the Sagbama Local Government Area 10th Legislative Council (Bayelsa State) I want to without mincing words say here categorically that, Hon. Solomon Bob, the House of Representatives member from River State, sponsor of the said controversial bill is a huge disappointment to his Ward, Local Government Area, Constituency, State and the entire South-South region.”

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“Hon. Solomon should be educated that, local Councils as a tier of Government is a leadership breeding ground, is unfortunate he has forgotten so soon, that, his boss, His Excellency Barr. Nyesom Wike, Governor of River State is also a product of Local Government as a former Local Government chairman, which automatically make he (Solomon) a direct beneficiary of same Local Government system he is antagonizing today.”

The deputy leader said what is most regrettably sad about the undemocratic moves of Hon Bob is “that the Bill was even given listening ears to pass first reading.”

The charged “The National Green Chambers ably led by his speaker, Rt Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila” to as a “matter of importance and urgency hide that proposal under the carpet in order not to bring more embarrassment to the National Assembly.”

“Members of the National Assembly should also bear in mind that, this said Bill when passed to law, it would throw over seventy (70) percent of Nigerians who live in the local government areas into abject poverty, it will further bring anarchy, amplify insecurity, joblessness, criminality and drastic increase of social vices in our local areas.” He added

He insisted that “Hon. Solomon Bob, Sponsor of the Bill should write an open apology letter to his Ward and Local Government people, South South and Nigerians as a whole, else should be massively work against in any of his political outings.”

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