Ebis Moni Issues Ultimatum To Ijaw  Former Wrestling Champion Eniegbedekumo Over Failed Deal

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By Binebai Princewill

Former Niger Delta freedom fighter and a leader of a foremost Ijaw group, Meinbutu, Chief Ebis Moni has issued a one week ultimatum to a former Ijaw wrestling champion, Sir Eniegbedekumo Okporu over what he described as breach of contract. 

Briefing The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide earlier today in Warri, Chief Ebis Moni narrated that he was contacted by his respected friend, Alahaji Omoko from Oil rich Egbema Kingdom in 2020 to arrange wrestlers for a cultural event at Opuama Community on December 12th 2020.

Moni continued that since Eniegbedekumo Okporu, a former Ijaw wrestling champion happens to be his friend and is into organising of such wrestling events, after discussing with him, he gave him the agreed fee of #500,000,00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) to seal the deal for him to bring the wrestlers to wrestle at the said event at Opuama on the 12th of December 2020 but he disappointed by not showing up nor the wrestlers on the said day. 

The Meinbutu leader asserted that if not for the understanding of Alahaji Omoko and the people of Opuama in Egbema Kingdom thus far, things would have gone out of hand, stressing that his relationship with the people is now tainted due to this development. 
He noted that starting from the day of this publication till one week time, if Okporu fails to provide the #500,000,00, he will have no other choice than to get him arrested by the Police for breach of contract. 

In his words: “After sending him the #500,000,00 for him to bring the wrestlers for which he failed to show up with the wrestlers in 2020 at Opuama, i got so disturbed on why he did not show up with the wrestlers, i moved to Yenagoa to confront him in order to get the money back to Alahaji Omoko and his people, he told me that he is making arrangements and that within a week time, he is going to refund the money. 

“From that day in 2020 till now, it has been different stories upon stories, I even reported this matter to the Ojobo Community Chairman,  Benjamin Oroso, the Ojobo Development Forum ( ODF) President, Chief Ondokare Fufeyin and Dr. Sunday Afore yet nothing good came out of it.

“As it is now, i have no other choice than to take this step in order to clear my name, this is clearly a breach of contract and we all know the position of the law about that,  as a brother, i have exhausted my patience on the matter and those that gave out the #500,000,00 have also tolerated me enough”.

However, all efforts geared towards reaching out to Eniegbedekumo Okporu proves abortive as at the time of filling this report. 

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