Ebolo Pens Down Heart Touching Tribute To His Deceased Sister


To A elder sister so loving, so caring and true,
Who saw me born & watched me grown into the man I am Today.

As i have grown up through my childhood years, the fun and laughter I can always chase,
The things I shared With You, done Together with you would continue to create memories forever,
And kept us strong even when we couldn’t be together Anymore.

You were always there to lend a listening ear,
And have always shown how much you care,
Often times I think of you more like a mother,
So my dear sister I wouldn’t trade you for another, not even At Death.

I remember the day you told me Of Your Desire To Start life anew in Akugbene Our Maternal home, After our Survival From The Invasion Of the Nigeria Army In Ayakoromor Community where many souls Departed Against their wish.

On that faithful day, you also reminded me how dear I am To You. You made it a routine to call me everyday with words of prayers.

You were very optimistic of my God-given grace To Salvage Not only my siblings, mother But all around me.
I cried all night how I was missing you,
Then I know you had just wanted to start life anew.

You did your best to make us happy,
You gave us hope when there was non.
You inspired us with your daily words Of Courage, Faith & perseverance.

You are the only sister who awaken my consciousness in my moments of tiredness, toiling & Want.

Mother Always Proud Of You cos You kept Sustaining her smile even when everything went wrong as they sometimes will.

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And even now when I think of you,
It breaks my heart how am missing you,
And in those silent moments when my hearts pain, memories of you my dear sister are all that remain…

Sometimes I wished I could see your face, To hear your laughter would mean so much, How often it happens within my dreams,

And each time i awake I always wish it was real. With no final words of farewell,

You have left my life, Silent tears always invade me, cried asking myself why, Your sudden passing.

As a family, we did all we could to bring you back even when I am still crawling But You choose to go against our wish, living behind the heritage of solidified words of Hope.

I will try my possible best to be a great uncle to your Five (5) children. Yes, I will.

I still cannot understand,
But what can I do my dear sister?
I am powerless,
I do not have the courage to question God
And even if I have I’m not qualify to ask him why you have to go this early.

Now that you’ve gone finally, may you remain the warrior you were, till we meet to depart no more.

Adieu my elder sister. I love you!

Your Younger Brother!

Ebolo Sam

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