Editorial: Security Agents Disappears as Jakpa Junction Becomes Battlefield in Warri

Jakpa Junction and the famous Effurun market in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State have recently become an effective battleground for angry youths within the area.

More worrisome is the fact that security agents have become so docile and are nowhere to be found as the busy area becomes unsafe for road users.

At the moment, Jakpa junction is seen as a war zone, youths in the area comes out for operation anytime they wishes and wreak havoc on innocent citizens that ply the route.

One wonders on what the security apparatus in Delta state are doing over this huge security challenge placed by such dreadful elements some days now in the area. It is a free reign of impunity.

As a result of the aloofness of security agents in Delta State to curtail this ugly scenario, lives have been lost within the last few weeks and many are still receiving varying degrees of treatment in different hospitals owing to severe injuries occasioned by the war infested youths in the area.

If this dreaded gang can even operate freely during the day, then one is tempted to ask questions on what can happen during the night.

While lives have been lost, many struggling between life and death in the various hospitals, others are now crying in their various homes as their cars have been burnt, properties stollen, mobile phones and other valuables carted away.

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Hospitals in Warri are now admitting on a daily basis humans that are injured from this said Jakpa juncture and Effurun market area.

The authorities in Uvwie Local Government Area, the Delta State government and indeed security agents in the state cannot claim to be unaware of this blood zone in Warri.

One wonders on what it would really cost government authorities to deploy the police or better still the military to permanently stay in the area to restore normalcy if they are not enjoying the bloodbath.

Warri is now a banana republic where anything goes and Jakpa juncture is a perfect example of this scary drama.

Is it that security agents in Nigeria, Delta State are on strike or they are no longer active? For the sake of the innocent citizens, security agents must act now to keep this elements at bay by deploying enough security agents to the area.

A situation where lives and properties no longer matters to those in position of authorities is indeed a terrible, terrific and terrifying imbroglio for the ear to hear.

This is so as the situation has continued to manifest itself within the last one week and yet there is no sign of remedy on the parts of the government and security agents in sight.

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