Egbesu Generals warn against bloodletting in Bayelsa governorship election 

Ndu Samuel

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A group known as Egbesu generals in the Niger Delta region has called for credible, transparent and violence free election in the November 16 governorship election in Bayelsa State.

The group made the call in a statement titled Credible and Peaceful Election: A prerequisite for Bayelsa’s development, through its leader, self styled Gen. Freedom Adowei, former leader Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, MEND and obtained by The Liberator.
The group lamented that violence and thuggery has characterized Bayelsa elections in recent time, but assured that they will leave no stone unturned to revert the trend.
”In relative short space of time, Bayelsa’s elections has become violence- driven, its election is generally perceived to be a do -or- die affair and youths with promising futures end up being victims of such avoidable outrage”.
”Death roll resulting from election violence in Bayelsa State is now in the increase, a State with just eight local government areas, what a shame! Bayelsa State now made the list of violence friendly state during elections and this and many more, limit the progress of the State”.
The Egbesu generals noted that Bayelsa state is the only state the Ijaw nationality has, therefore warned that any attempt to threaten its peaceful existence will be resisted with.
The group under the watch of Adowei said part of their strategy they will employ to achieve its goal is launching anti- thuggery campaign before and during the forth coming election in the state.
The generals again warned those with political aspirations that are hatching plans to disrupt the election in what ever manner to have a rethink because such persons or groups will have the Egbesu generals to contend with.
In a message to the youths, the Egbesu generals urged them to shun all form of election violence, stating that their opinions can be reflected in the leadership of the state without possibly resulting to violence.
The grand style generals reminded politicians and godfathers that election violence often raised legitimacy problem for leaders who emerge through a violent ridden election process.
It would be recalled that membership of Egbesu generals cuts across all states constituting the Niger Delta.

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