Egbesu Priest Ellington Blast Niger Delta Leaders For Underdeveloping The Region 

Charges youths to rise up for internal revolution 

By Ndu Samuel, Asaba 

The Deputy Coordinator of Egbesu Brotherhood WorldWide, Priest Ellington Bakumo has decried the high level of underdevelopment in the Niger Delta as a result of corruption by leaders entrusted with the wealth of the region

Bakumo, through public statements made on Monday as obtained by The Liberator Newspaper also disclosed that there are unconfirmed rumors that the Federal government plan to scrap the amnesty Programme and  the Niger Delta  Development Commission NDDC as a result of corruption rocking the agencies.

He said he is “surprised at the level of thinking of Youths of a generation where we would ordinarily hope for a better future but up till now we have become nothing but beggars begging for crumbs first from the so called Fulani/Yoruba and then from our own internal colonial masters who only come to instigate us to fight and then take the glory for themselves, their children and their families”

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He noted that  it is disheartening to see people who are supposed to help make the society a better place by rising up against “ internal and external oppressors and colonizers” instead they become sympathetic and even act as accomplice to what he described as “unholy Oligarchy”.

The Egbesu disciple said “Just recently, young men in their twenties have changed the course of history in their country, they had to take their destiny in their hands”. 

“We have given up on a system that we were born into and will certainly die in if we do not find ways to make it right to get it right” he warned . 

He noted that it is common knowledge that the federal government and international oil companies are robbing the Niger Delta people but the leaders in the region themselves have not been sincere with the resources committed into their hands

“The Budget of the NDDC and Amnesty could finance the budget of countries , yet we have nothing tangible to show for developing our own land with our own commission given to us to manage, are we still going to blame the outsiders for this?” He queried.

“We should rise up to our brothers in power, and then to the federal Government, this is the only way we will challenge new people to stand up and do the right thing where and when necessary for the development of the Niger delta “.

 “To those who think Buhari cannot listen and will do what he likes , we have seen worse tyrants in  Nigeria and we have stood up to them and survived them, but we must get it right from within, so let’s rise up and come together as Niger Deltans , as Ijaw people, Efik Itsekiri etc , united and see if we will not make our region great”.

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