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The joy was unspeakable, infectious and long-awaited when bitter rivals within the South Sudanese political circles led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and opposition leader Riek Machar put their hostilities behind them in forming a unity government on Saturday, February 2020.

While officially appointing Machar as Vice President, one of the five to be appointed to the new government, Kiir stated that “I want to tell the people of South Sudan that all the changes that are taking place right now are to bring peace and not changes that will bring conflict again because we are tired of conflict.”

South Sudan for many years had been embroiled in one civil unrest or another leading to the deaths of thousands of its people. After failing to meet the two previous deadlines to form a unity government, fears of a resurgence in violence were palpable.

However, Kiir chose to compromise “for the sake of peace” and reverted to the original ten states, paving the way for the unity government’s formation.

It will be recalled that founder and senior cleric of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B. Joshua, had made a one-day historic visit to South Sudan, on November 12, 2019, where he prophesied a unity government that is to usher in a new and peaceful South Sudan.

While speaking during his visit, Prophet Joshua stated that “I am here to deliver God’s message. I pray that God gives all the political stakeholders in this country discretion that will guard their hearts to obey this message, in Jesus’ name. Time has come for us to put our differences behind us. Who can fight with the Lord?

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“If I am a prophet, this will not go without fulfilment. Take your pen and write. I am here to prophesy to the nation. I am not coming here to preach or to teach. If I am a prophet, this will not go without fulfilment. Time has come. The issue of this nation is spiritual. We need to tackle it spiritually. Time has come – I repeat – for us to put our differences behind us. Our leaders, we should overcome our divisions and agree to work together – for the good of this country.

“Peace has no price. To show peace has no price when I was preparing to come to South Sudan, my operator could not find an international insurance company to cover our trip to South Sudan – because of the situation of the nation. The operator recommended that the plane should be parked in Ethiopia or Kenya. I asked why? They said because of the situation of the nation. And this is a country endowed with enormous natural resources. How many investors or tourists would want to go through this?

“We cannot do it alone. As I travelled the world, I have discovered that people from South Sudan are everywhere all over the world. There is no country in this world where you will not find South Sudanese. They are intelligent, hard-working, ambitious people. Our leaders should overcome their divisions and allow them to come back to develop their fatherland.

“We should overcome our divisions. You cannot stand in the way of the Lord. He owns a man’s heart and he can instruct man at any time. Next month, we talk of December and then the New Year. This country is going to enter a New Year, a new beginning – whether you like it or not, whether I like it or not.”

After his admonition, he led the country in prayers, calling for God’s guidance. “Lord, I pray for the peace of South Sudan. Have mercy on the nation! Have mercy on the nation! Let the leaders and citizens of South Sudan obtain your mercy. Thank You, Lord, for your compassion and for your forgiveness, in Jesus Christ’s name,” he prayed.

With the formation of the new government in fulfilment of Prophet T.B Joshua’s prophecy, it is believed that true peace and development have begun in the once crisis-ridden South Sudan.

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