Exclusive: How Security Operatives Invades Danjuma’ s House In Warri, Whisks Him, Three Others Away – The Liberator

Three Days After, Whereabout Still Unkown As Pregnant Wife Laments, Narrate Ordeal

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By Binebai Princewill
In what has been described as a night of terror and horror, wife of Mr. Matthew Danjuma Tikari Perekabowei, popularly known as Oga, Edisemi has in her exclusive chat with The Liberator Newspaper noted that the way and manner with which combined security operatives raided them in their house and whisked away her husband alongside three of his domestic staffs remains a mystery to her.

According to her, it all started at about 1am on Tuesday the 3rd of June 2020 (Night) when a combined security operatives, comprising DSS, Police, Army, Navy and others invaded their resident in Newlayout, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State.

Mrs Danjuma Matthew stated that at first, the security team invaded a compound that is sharing fence with their house in the area, stressing that the operation there too was like a drama as the sirens and movement of their security vehicles at the said hour causes panic among residents of the area who could not at peace of mind throughout the night.

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Mrs Tikari Perekabowei continued that it was at this juncture that she and her husband woke up to observe how the security operatives were operating in the compound next to theirs.

She said the operation there did not take much time as they must have realized that the compound they finds themselves is not their target hence they briefly retraced their steps to regroup where their vehicles must have been parked in the area and reinforced within few minutes, but this time it was direct to Mr. Matthew Danjuma Tikari Perekabowei’s compound in a war like manner.

Sooner and later, they made their way into Oga’s compound, not even the electric fence and huge gate can prevent this special squard as they came with ladder and industrial sledge hammers to destroy any destroyables in the house.

It was at this point that Danjuma’ s family realized that they are in for the worse, panic had engulfed the household.

Upon gaining access to the compound, the bullet proof doors could not withstand the constant hammering of the gigantic sledge hammers, at this point no one within the area can dare to sleep and sporadic shooting into the air becomes very rampant at this point.

She continued that at a point, the operation attracted other security personnel in the area as they also regrouped and started firing gunshots into the air obviously to foil the operation at Danjuma’ s house, Mrs Danjuma said it was at this point they made announcement that they are special security squard dispatched for the assignment they are carrying out now, with a stern warning that everyone should keep clear and back out.
“This is when we realized that they are security operatives” Edisemi stated, she continued that it was at this point that her husband was also struggling to come out to meet them by then according to her, the forces have breached some of the rooms and three of his domestic staffs, Godwin Kaduna her brother, Kester and Onos have been seen and browbeaten.
Edisemi said while Mr. Danjuma was making his way out to meet them since they have identified themselves as security operatives, while he was coming out to meet them, she said that was too long as they used hammers and other instruments at their disposal to breach the doors to his room and upon seeing him, Edisemi maintained that he was beaten to a palp and the chants of “you criminal becomes more constant in their words”.
She said the operation lasted from 1am to 4:30am on Tuesday when he was finally whisked away along with Godwin Kaduna and one Mr. Onos, this according to the pregnant wife of Matthew is after they had destroyed almost everything in the house.
Edisemi noted that throughout their operations in the house, the said security operatives were all on masks .
She alleged that although she was not touched but was threatened to speak up about if her husband has been into any shady deal and that if she was unable to speak the truth, they will shoot her, Edisemi said not even her five year old daughter could be spared of quizzing about her father.
However, Mrs Danjuma has stated that this is three days after her husband and three others were whisked away by security operatives till date, as at this moment of filling this report, their whereabouts remains unkown as the whole thing is becoming devastating to her by the day as she witnessed how it all happened.
She had called on the top hierarchy of the military and the government to assist in the release of her husband as up till now nothing is being said about why he was whisked away.
“My appeal is that the federal government, state and security operatives should immediately release by husband as the whole thing is causing a psychological trauma on me.
“My husband is innocent, he should be released, I have never seen any thing like this, how my husband and two others were beaten and whisked away in such manner left me in a melancholic state. ” Mrs Matthew stated.
Mrs Matthew stated that her husband perternally hails from Taraba state as well as Angalabiri in Bayelsa as his maternal state.

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