Grand Looting In NDDC: IIA Writes NASS, Asks Pa Clark Not To Endorse Corruption – The Liberator 

By Binebai Princewill

The Ijaw Interest Advocates (IIA), popularly known as the Izanzan Intellectual Camp has written an open letter to the leadership of the National Assembly not to relent in their bid to probe the Interim Management Committee of Niger Delta Development Commission (NCDC ).

This was contained in an open letter issued to newsmen in Warri, signed by the national coordinator of the Ijaw Interest Advocates, Amb. Salaco Yerinmene Snr, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper

The letter reads in full below:


Dear Papa E.K Clark,

Firstly we humbly take our knees down to greet you ultimately for your unquantifiable sacrifices and prizes you had paid in the sustainability of Ijaw Nation and Niger Delta as a whole.

As a father and national patriot, we are very proud to have you as our kinsman, leader and father just because you had shown so much capacity in shouldering the affairs of the region continually.

Papa, this brief epistle might be described as an act of disrespect, disdain and impoliteness. But it will do us more good to express our thoughts and worries over your position in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) saga as you had outrightly spelt out in your viral letter.

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As youths, we will continue to respect our elders but we will never allow our elders to trade with our sustainability in disguise of protecting Ijaw Interest hence we will not keep mute while things are going wrong despite who is involved because we are the strength of Ijaw Nation, Niger Delta and Nigeria at large.

Sir, we calmly read through your viral letter repeatedly yesterday but we are very sorry to emphatically State that the letter is clearly lopsided; one sided and we sense that the letter is commercially motivated or authored by the NDDC IMC team to deceive Mr. president and Nigerians. The tone does not reflect the academic sagacity and impetus of our once vibrant ‘Daddy’ and off course it doesn’t go down well with us as your children and subjects that mean well for you and Ijaw Nation and Niger Delta.

Papa, it would have been better you address the issue from a neutral ground as a father to all and a foremost leader in the region but in this case from the first paragraph to the last paragraph with quotation of exact dates and time shows that Akpabio has misinformed and manipulated your conscience hence the letter is completely bias and it is utterly targeted to frustrate the effort and put a stop of the ongoing probing by the National Assembly.

Papa, In one of the paragraph in your letter you said any “attempt to distract Mr. President’s directive that forensic audit of the NDDC should be carried out, is unacceptable to the people of the Niger Delta” therefore if we may ask who are those frustrating the forensic audit? We that are exposing the fraudulent activities of Akpabio and cronies that prompted the National Assembly to set a committee to probe the IMC and Akpabio? Papa Clark are you aware or ever being briefed that within two months NDDC under the supervision of Akpabio has claimed to spend the whopping sum of 40billion Naira?.

Daddy till this moment we can’t agree to the fact that you are signatory to the viral letter. Apparently the letter is questionable and probable because it baffles us that you didn’t make mention of any of the Akpabio and the IMC fraudulent activities in your letter to the Senate President and the house of reps speaker respectively. Are you not cognisant of the 5.4billion Covid-19 scam, the 8.1billion accumulatively laser fever scam, the 16billion NDDC permanent site scam, the 641milllon on media and communication scam, 300m Fencing project awarded to your Boy, Senator Akpabio and many others scam and of course the threats of lives and death of two persons in the course of the revelation of the Akpabio loot?. Daddy if we may ask again, why are you even mute over the Assassination of one of your humble and promising son who is part of the revelation of the Akpabio looting and that of the tempted abduction/assassination of a renowned journalist, Sir Cletus Opukeme, CEO Daily watch online Newspaper, an Ijaw son? You remained silent over all these developments which is not palatable to your children that are keenly monitoring you. You must not take some children in Niger Delta as your social children and that they will not scolded by you of wrongful doing, while others that doing the right thing LGA be used as scape-goats. Nothing should make Senator Godswill Akpabio and cohorts who have looted NDDC dry as untouchable.

Papa also in another paragraph in the letter you said and we quote “We suspect that the probe being trumpeted by the National Assembly is not for altruistic reasons but an attempt by some members to arm-twist the IMC”. This your assertion is wrong. The attention of the National Assembly was drawn by right groups like IIA; Izanzan Intellectual Camp and others to look into the allegations against Senator Akpabio and the IMC, hence they are doing what the people expected them to do.

It is worthy of note that, we only want to agree with you for calling on the the Senate president and Honorable Speaker to set up another committee to probe the IMC and past and present House committee chairman on NDDC and Senators that have been allegedly on fraudulent list. But it is our best interest to allow the already inaugurated committee to go on with the probe, then we can fight for the investigation of the other alleged senators.

To this ended, we are humbly appealing to you to come out to strongly condemn and join your children to call for investigation of the fraudulent activities of Minister Akpabio and the IMC. Your silent over the massive looting in NDDC gives the impression that you are in support and as well endorsed the ongoing corruption.

Signed for IIA; Izanzan Intellectual Camp

Amb. Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene Snr

(National Coordinator)

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