Group Give Reasons Why Urhobos Must Cede Delta 2023 Governorship To Ijaws 

By Binebai Princewill

A group operating under the aegis of Delta Ijaw 2023 Governorship Advocacy Group (DIGAG) has given reasons why the Ijaws should be allowed to produce the 2023 Governorship position in the state. 

This was contained in a statement circulated and signed by the Director General (DG) of Delta Ijaw 2023 Governorship Advocacy Group (DIGAG), Augustine Okporu (JP), a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide. 

The statement reads in full below:

Press Release

11th July, 2021


The Executive Assistant (EAC) to the Governor on Communication, Dr. Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe (JP) has just hit the nail on the head when he affirmed Governor Okowa’s position on zoning in 2015. Dr. Fred’s explicit background information, exposing the underlining politickings leading to the divine emergence of Senator Okowa in 2015 has further settled the fact that Okowa didn’t emerged as Governor of Delta State through zoning.

The EAC who we earlier regarded as a fickle politician for his unguarded political apostasy, is now a statesman for saying the truth. The world can now see that members of that DC-23, especially the likes of Senator Ighoyota Amori and his acolytes who openly abandoned late Tony Chuks Obuh in 2014 to work for their Urhobo aspirant, Mr. David Edevbie in line with UPU’s directive have no moral rectitude to talk about Senatorial District zoning. 

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Oghenesivbe as a prolific writer should always allow truth to guide his objectivity. As a journalist, he should not allow ethnic sentiment to becloud his sense of judgment. We felt highly disappointed and taken aback when Dr. Fred joined the DC-23 Lobby group to sermonize about the non-existent zoning arrangement.

He can be forgiven now, at least for his stout of courage to unfurl the background events in 2014 leading to Sen. Okowa’s emergence as the Governor of the State. We implore him to always be on the side of justice.

On the other hand, we disagree with the EAC over his advice to the Urhobos to apologize to the Delta North. If the Urhobos really want to heal the wounds then they should allow Ijaws to rule the State in 2023 as we supported them in 1993 and 1999 respectively.

While the Delta North actually deserves apology from the Urhobos for the latter’s arrogance in opposing other Senatorial Districts to contest the Governorship office of the State since 2007, the apology should precede with the Urhobos’ unconditional support for the Ijaws to rule the State in 2023. Such will make the two Senatorial Districts to believe that the Urhobos have chosen to accept other tribes as equal partners in the State.

Dr. Fred should therefore advice his Urhobo people to make concession in the 2023 Governorship election. They should concede the office to the Ijaw people to start off another round of zoning if we must zone the office by Senatorial Districts.


Augustine Okporu (JP),

DG, Delta Ijaw 2023 Governorship Advocacy Group (DIGAG)

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