Group Wants Otuaro Appointed Presidential Amnesty Coordinator

By Ndu Samuel, Asaba 

A group under the aegis of Ijaws in Oil and Gas have said that appointing credible persons such as  Chief Dennis Otuaro to head the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) remains the only solution to achieving development master plan and curbing insurgency in the Niger Delta region.

The group through a press release signed by  Ebipams Johnny, a copy of which was obtained by The Liberator Newspaper on Friday also  noted that appointing a credible person will help avert another unrest in the region

Ebipams noted that his group is worried by recent negative  happenings in the interventionist agencies and ministry established to carter for the developmental needs of the Niger   Delta  region.

He said “The state of the nation with respect to the agitations of the people of the Niger Delta calls for concern especially with the happenings in trio interventional agencies and ministry; The Niger Delta Development Commission, Niger Delta Ministry and the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP).

 He said ”Since the commencement of this administration our calls has being for the appointment of credible sons of the Niger Delta with track record of integrity who are products of the emancipation drive of the  region not some political merchandise whose sole intention is to rubbish the efforts of our fallen and living heroes and aggrandize wealth for themselves in exchange for the development of the region.

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“The region is sitting on a gun powder with the non-challant approach of the Presidency in appointing credible sons; these happenings may wade ways for another crisis in the region and we envisage one which may go beyond control like what is obtainable in the North Central and Eastern states where the activities of insurgents has crippled economy and social life.”

“ We can’t be fighting both corruption and Boko haram and be birthing another phase of unrest in the Niger Delta by erroneously appointing people whose actions and inactions will lead to chaos in the region.

“We have been asked severally if they are credible Niger Deltans qualified to head the Presidential Amnesty Program and times without number we have made our choice known that among the seemingly endless names in the list Chief Dennis Otuaro stands out. Our reasons are well known; apart from his pedigree as a son of the struggle with proven level of integrity, we want someone who will be generally accepted by all in the region hence our call for his appointment.”

“When the president wanted an IMC in NDDC; we cried out knowing that the likes of Maxwell Oko who have been screened by the senate is also a product of the Niger Delta struggle for better governance and does not void the forensic investigation in the Niger Delta Development Commission but today see the mockery they have made of the region like Niger Delta region is synonymous with corruption.”

“The recent calls for “Ogele” by people of the region with threats of shutting down Oil operations may gradually slide into another phase of unrest. We want to be in our Oil Platforms and Rigs with some sense of security.”


The group called on “ President Buhari to do the needful in a bid to avert the threats and counter threats we have witnessed recently in the region by appointing credible men who can come out with a master plan to curb unrest and bring the needed developments  in the region.”

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