Guwor Writes Nigerians On 60th Independence Anniversary 


“It pains to discover that you have just been overtaken seconds before you hit the finish line – the feeling of regrets.”  For us as a nation, it even more agonizing for the witnesses amidst unlimited potentials – amazing people and abundant natural resources – yet 60 years down the line are still many unanswered question. The failure of yesterday continues to hunt our progress. 

While it is impossible for us to turn back the hands of the clock, today offer us a brand new opportunity to rethink and rebuild. Let’s commit without discounting good governance, rule of law, equity and justice to hand our children a far better and prosperous country that we inherited. 

Tomorrow is the future we seek. Let’s the fire of hope burn the shackles of despair. Let’s see ahead and joy in a shared will to do better. Kill ineptitude and walk the path of excellence. Be the Nigerian you want to celebrate. Let’s further better.

Let’s spread the message of positive optimism.

We survived the rains. We survived the storm. We are stronger together; 60 years – moving ahead, farther together. Tomorrow is possible.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria and I wish all of us a wonderful diamond jubilee celebration.

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God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 



Hon. GUWOR Emomotimi Dennis,

Member Representing Warri South West State Constituency, 

Delta State House of Assembly

(Press Release, 1st October, 2020).

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