How Ijaw Leadership In Udu Condoles With Lawuru Over Mother’s Demise

By Binebai Princewill

Following news of the excruciating demise of Chief Promise Lawuru’s mother with sympathisers thronging his compound in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State from all corners, the leadership of the Ijaws in Udu, led by its Prime Minister, Dr. Pilot Wisky Ogidigben-Arere Aranta and members of his council took charge of the gathering yesterday. 

While briefing The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide, the Prime minister of the Ijaws in Udu, Dr. Pilot Wisky Ogidigben-Arere Aranta noted that Chief Promise Lawuru is a critical stakeholder in the Ijaws in Udu Council, stressing that  the demise of his lovely mother is a colossal loose to her family and to the entire Ijaw nation. 

Dr. Wisky said the Ijaws in Udu under his watch cannot seat down quietly on the ugly incidence hence one of the way they can sympathise with him was to pay him a condolence visit via the Ijaws in Udu leadership.

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While there are a lot of sympathisers from virtually every kingdom in Ijaw that had gathered at Chief Lawuru’s compound, Dr. Pilot Wisky and his high profiled cabinet members said Yesterday marks  exactly three days since the demise of Lawuru’s mother hence they have to take charge of the day.

The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report that as different personalities continues to storm Lawuru’s residence to sympathise with him, the Ijaw Prime Minister in Udu and his council members where on ground to entertain the different personalities that had gone to sympathise with Lawuru.

Dr. Wisky promised that they will continue to parley with Lawuru until a date will be fixed for the burial, adding that they will play their role during the burial ceremony. 

Meanwhile, Chief Promise Lawuru had expressed sadness over his mother’s demise, adding that she has left behind a huge vacuum that cannot be filled forever in his life, stressing that till date he believes that he is still dreaming, describing the demise of his mother as painful. 

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