Ignore groups against appointing Otuaro as Amnesty boss, Bakumo urge Buhari

By Ndu Samuel

President Mohammadu Buhari has been asked to ignore those kicking against the appointment of Chief Dennis Otuaro as Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme to replace Prof. Charles Dokubo.

The Deputy coordinator of Egbesu brotherhood, A Niger Delta based interest group made the call through a press release issued by Bakumo Ellington, deputy coordinator of the group, a copy of which was sent to the Liberator.

Ellington noted that the call by some faceless group calling on Buhari not to appoint Chief Otuaro as next amnesty coordinator is highly laughable and shows the level of desperation that political jobbers can exhibit.

He wrote ”My Attention has been drawn to a publication once again by another faceless group and faceless general calling on President Buhari not to appoint one Chief Dennis Otuaro from Delta State as the new Amnesty boss , while this is very laughable, it tells you the level of desperation of a certain group of people who have struggled all through their lives to gain relevance but hasn’t and end up begging survival money from one politician to the other ”

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”We know them , with their Attitude of if it’s not good for me then it should not be good for others , we also know them with the betraying and sense of snitching their own kinsmen just because of a senseless sense of entitlement. ”

He maintained that the matter of appointment into office is not about the time a person joins the party but having the competence and outstanding qualities for the job which in this case Otuaro possesses.

” It is not a matter of who joined APC first we are looking at competence, we are looking at the qualities of each person and everyone knows that chief Dennis Otuaro is the right man for the Job , and those of us who are informed know that chief Dennis is an APC member and leader in his own right, and that he is more qualified than most, they know that’s why they are going all lengths to ensure that thief’s like them who have been in Abuja claiming Niger delta leaders and sucking the system dry will no longer have such privileges again if and when a more competent hand mans that office .”

He lamented that despite a laid down template which is suppose to be activated to achieve the Niger Delta dream, the area is still undeveloped noting that over 80 % of people who fought the battle for the Niger Delta emancipation are still impoverished and wallowing in poverty.

” this is why I am calling on the president once again to ignore these faceless groups sponsored by the same group of Charles Dokubo associates who have crippled to Amnesty Programme to please appoint a Deltan and God willing a Deltan like Chief Dennis Utuaro a chieftain of the APC in the Niger delta ” he said.

The deputy coordinator believes that with the level of Otuaro’s exposure and his water tight relationship with the real Ex- agitators, peace and stability will return to the Niger Delta which will ensure that Buhari’s administration succeeds.

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