Ijaw Governor 2023 Album By King Allen Hits Warri, Yenagoa, Other Markets In Niger Delta 

By Binebai Princewill

Foremost Ijaw music kingpin, the Iduwini Kingdom music king of Delta and Bayelsa States, Chief Allen Alabor, the Seipere of Niger Delta have released a new song, calling on Ijaw political leaders and other critical stakeholders in Delta State to unite in order to produce the next Governor of the state.

King Allen particularly noted that the new song is not for dance as he is passionately appealing to critical Ijaw political stakeholders in Delta State to unite in other to produce the next Governor of the state.

He said the Ijaws in Delta State possesses strong electoral and economic strenght in the state, adding that they exclusively own three autonomous local government areas, such as Bututu, Bomadi and Patani councils in the state.

King Allen in the music while speaking on the political strength of the Ijaws in Delta state maintained that the ethnic group is also actively sharing Warri South West, Warri North and Warri South Local Government Areas with other ethnic groups in the state with a high level of voting strength in all the said Local Governments.

Speaking in parable, Allen said the Ijaws are not meant to be slaves in Delta that are only good for supporting the ambitions of others, adding that it is the unity of ants that made them move big things together.

He said the inability of the Ijaws to produce Governor of Delta State is lack of unity as the Ijaw political leaders always pitch tent with others, pleading that 2023 should be the perfect political dispensation for the leaders to unite to produce the next Governor of the state.

The Seipere expressed optimism that if there is no betrayal among the Ijaw political leaders in Delta State, 2023 will no doubt be the dispensation of an Ijaw Governor.

While making case for the Ijaw Governor, the Ijaw music Kingpin Allen reminded the Ijaws that the Urhobos, Igbos and even Itsekiris with no complete Local Government of their own have produced Governor, adding that it is shameful for the Ijaws not to have produced Governor of the state before now.

Questions where intelligently asked to the Ijaw political leaders, when he said when will the Ijaws stop being political servants to other tribes and pursue their own Governorship ambition for others to follow and support.

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He said as big as the Ijaws are in Delta State, there is no secret as they continue to wallow as frontliners, advocating for others ambition, maintaining that it is only love and unity that brings riches, advising that the Ijaws must key into such philosophy to produce the next Governor of the state.

In his words: “Is it only the Urhobos, Itsekiris and Igbos that will be rulling Delta State forever, when will the Ijaws ever rule Delta State?. I have come to plead with you my Ijaw political leaders, let us unite and speak in one voice to produce the next Governor come 2023.”

King Allen cried when he pleaded with the Ijaws not to mess 2023 like other dispensations, stressing that it is high time Ijaws embrace themselves as one big family that they are.

He particularly described the Ijaws in Delta State as a two headed snake, explaining that a two headed snake can’t move forward no matter how hard he tries to move.

Suggesting on the way forward, King Allen had called on notable Ijaw sons to call for a meeting where whatever pending issues will be addressed in order to put the house in proper perspective ahead of an Ijaw Governor come 2023.

He said when he looks at the way the Hausas, Yorubas and other tribes are doing in the Nigerian state, he feels like crying for the Ijaws.

Alabor also begged whoever that is aggrieved politically to shun such grievances and to work strategically and meticulously for an Ijaw Governor come 2023.

He also appealed to the Delta Ijaw Youths to be united to do the Ijaw thing.

Meanwhile, the music just hit all known Ijaw music distribution stores across the Niger Delta region. 

Having copies to listen to this song will make sense by all those who think of an Ijaw Governor come 2023. 

The Liberator Newspaper can report that King Allen had released the two albums namely Ijaw Governor 2023 and Forever in heaven. The story of Amaseikumor is also in these albums. 

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