Ijaw Group Accuses Successive Nigerian Governments Of Abandoning Historic  Burutu, Forcados Communities  – The Liberator 

Calls On Buhari To Urgently Rethink These Communities, Wants Dredging Of River Ramos 

By Binebai Princewill 

Ijaw group under the aegis of Oborotu Federated Youth Movement (OFYM) has accused successive Federal Governments of Nigeria for abandoning viable historic communities of Burutu and Forcados in Iduwini Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

The Oborotu Federated Youth Movement while decrying the poor state of things that had engulfed the once booming commercial towns noted that Burutu and Forcados played a major role in making Nigeria what it is today from the era of colonial masters till this present day, regretting on what the settlements are gradually becoming owing to neglect meted out on the people and her communities by successive governments.  

The group made the shocking revelation in a press statement issued to newsmen in Warri, signed by Comr. Napoleon Kenerekedi, President general of the group, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper. 

The statement had decried the ill treatments meted out on the people of Oborotu, stressing that both the Federal Government of Nigeria and Multinational Oil Companies have abandoned these communities, adding that it is not fair to be treated in such an awkward manner. 

Napoleon Kenerekedi had called on President Muhammadu Buhari to  as a  matter of urgency rethink the rapid and aggressive development of these historic towns in Niger Delta, maintaining that Forcados and Burutu is fast retrogressing beyond recognition if nothing positive is done about these communities.

Speaking further, the group had also appealed to the federal government of Nigeria to make plans for the dredging of River Ramos that runs from Burutu Local Government in Delta to Bayelsa and beyond as the river is becoming too shallow for ferry boats, turg boats and vessels to ply the route as it has already become a death trap by frequently claiming lives via accidents owing to its shallowness. 

The statement reads below:

The Oborotu federated youth movement is calling on the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency visit Buturu,Forcados and the River Ramos Channel.

“It has become necessary we bring to the public how the federal Government  of Nigeria is badly treating the once commercial hub of Nigeria, the Oborotu people  despite her contributions to the economic viability of our nation and the role she played in making Nigeria what it is today.

“It is no longer a news that Forcados is where Nigeria  had her first prison, Hospital and other things that are still evident in the community for confirmation purposes.

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“The community hosted the first European settlers that were in Nigeria for trade which was Nigeria source of income generation.

“People from the Northern, West and Eastern parts of Nigeria were all settling at Forcados to earn a living but today the community has become a shadow of itself.

“Burutu community also played significant roles in sustaining the economy of this country as she played host to Royal Niger Company, UAC and NPA but as we speak, in tears the community has been abandoned by the federal Government  as there is  no federal government presence in the once booming economic hub of the country.

“This was once a community that hosted over five thousand workers within and outside Nigeria.

“River Ramos is a major route that  boats passes to Bayelsa state and other part of our country ,sadly the channel is now a death trap.

“The case of that  channels is becoming  alarming as we are speaking, big boats hardly passes that channel without running into the ground which is causing serious accidents. It is the only route commercial  boat drivers are using and because of its shallowness, they runs into those bigger boats which is constantly claiming lives.

“Another case is Yeye community, a major host to oil  facilities in Nigeria and multi national oil companies has long been forgotten.”

Meanwhile, the youth movement had warned that the peaceful disposition of the Oborotu man over the years should not be taken for granted.

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