Ijaw, Urhobo Youth Leaders Meet Over Delta 2023 Governorship With Differing Views

…Shares common ground on a youthful Governor in 2023, beyond 

By Binebai Princewill

As the 2023 Delta State Governorship race gathers more momentum, youth leaders from Urhobo nation as well as Ijaw youth leaders in Delta State met yesterday  at the ancient community of Ogbe-Ijoh, traditional headquarters of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom and headquarters of Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State to discuss the Governorship race in the state  with differing views on which senatorial district that is to produce the next Governor of the state. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report. 

The Urhobo Youth leadership who visited the Ijaw Youth leaders at Ogbe-Ijoh,  Delta State came under the auspices of Delta Central Young Leaders 2023 led by its Chairman Mr. Isaac Omomedia and with the host of other critical executive members of the “Delta Central Young Leaders 2023” and other youth stakeholders in Urhobo nation.

While conveying the message and position of the Urhobo Youths in Delta State, the duo of Mr. Isaac Omomedia, Chairman of the group and Chief Vincent Oyibode (JP), Commissioner DESOPADEC who spoke on behalf of the Urhobo Youths had pleaded with the Ijaws to support the Delta Central bid to produce the next Governor of the state come 2023.

According to the duo, they said even though the seeming zoning arrangement is unwritten, political activities in the state from various political dispensations till date points that there is such an arrangement geared towards peaceful transition of power in the state. 

“Before now, although it is not written but there has been a peaceful way of power rotation among the sensational districts, Ibori ruled for 8 years (Delta Central), Uduaghan ruled for 8 years (Delta South) and now Okowa from Delta North is ruling. It is only fair for us in Delta Central this time around to take it again so that we can also support the Ijaws when their time comes. 

“I want to plead that rationally, it will ordinarily come to Ijaw after our 8 years beginning from 2023, after Urhobo, my next tribe is Ijaw owing to my background. We cannot fight for those elders who have being in power since 1999.

“The Governor that should succeed Okowa must be a younger person, at least we can manage 56 years old person as a Governor of this state come 2023.

“After now, we need to have Delta State young leaders, if you don’t agitate, you cannot have much, there is nothing wrong for young people to contest the Governor of Delta State. 

“Let us have an agreement that the rotation should continue, it should be that after Mr. A, it should be Mr. B. We are not here to say we have the population on this or that. 

“We are here for two major reasons for collaboration on a youthful leadership and to support Delta Central take the Governor of Delta State come 2023”. Chief Vincent Oyibode stated. 

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However, in a contrary opinion, Barr. Eric Omare, former president of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide had while stating the position of the Ijaw Youths in Delta State asserted that while the Ijaw Youths are in support of a youthful leadership in Delta State, he maintained that it is also the turn of the Ijaws in Delta South to produce the next Governor of the state come 2023.

He asserted that the Ijaws have been working for other Senatorial districts and tribes in producing the Governors of the State, adding that the Ijaws worked for Olorogun Felix Ibru, followed by Ibori, Uduaghan and now Governor Okowa.

Speaking further, Bar. Omare stated that the Ijaws are tired of always working for others hence 2023 should be the turn of Ijaws to be the Governor of Delta State, stressing that the Urhobo youths and others should support the Ijaw quest to become the next Governor of the state, noting that since the Urhobos started the first batch of zoning, it does not mean that it should start with them again. 

In his words: “The fact that Urhobo young leaders are coming to meet with Ijaw Youth Leaders shows that we are making progress, it means that 2023 will not be as usual. 

“What our forefathers told us is that the Urhobos are our brothers that is why we worked for Felix Ibru, Ibori and we have been working for others hence it will not be out of place for others to support an Ijaw man for Governor come 2023.

“The Ijaws have set up a committee going round the state for an Ijaw Governor and other youth group in Ijaw will also be empowered to go round the state for an Ijaw Governor come 2023.

“The issue of young men coming together to decide their political destiny is a welcome development, i see it as something that is beyond Urhobo, we need to work together to achieve this. We need to go beyond Ijaw and Urhobo, it should be a statewide thing. If we don’t do anything about youthful leadership, we will continue to be used as data boys.” Omare asserted. 

Meanwhile, on his part, secretary general of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, Rt. Hon. Frank Pukon said “This is truly a very good opportunity for us to work together as a people. I am totally in support for a young man to be Governor of Delta State come 2023, i am tired of same old people recircling themselves as our leaders. The entire gathering here is in support of a young Governor. 

“2023, we want a Governor that will be a Governor for the youths, of the youths and by the youths”.

It would be recalled that the meeting was held at Ogbe-Ijoh Community Civic Centre,  Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State. 

Some of the Ijaw Youth leaders present during the meeting include Barr. Eric Omare, Former President Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, Gen. Godsday Smith, popularly known as general Bounanawei, Chief. Friday Igbegbe, Comr. Emmanuel Gesikekeme Akpule, an Ijaw youth leader in Delta State, Chief  Stanley Yangaboy, Chief Boro Lala, Comr. Austin Ozobo, President IPDI, Hon. Andabofa Nana, Chief Akpowaide Etimigba (JP), Comr. Napoleon Kenerekedi, Comr. Tina Tobusi, IYC national women leader, Comr. Ebolo Samuel, Comr. Raphael Phuludu, Rt. Hon. Frank Pukon, Secretary general IYC Worldwide,  Comr. Olu Deremo, Secretary Western Zone IYC, Apst Comr. Preye Koremene, Comr. Timiadi Justice Akuna, President Ogulagha Kingdom Youth Council, Comr. Lot Loyibo, President Meinbutu, Comr. Frank Akiefa, Former Chairman, Ijaw Youth Council IYC, Western Zone, Pst. Arex Akemetubo, President Isaba Youth Council, President Egbema Youth Council, Bomadi Federated Youth President, President Ogbe-Ijoh Youth Council, Western Zone IYC Women Leader, Western Zone Information Officer, Chief Frank Akiefa, Hon. Fred Afoegba, Comr. Benjamin Izoukumor, Comr. Victor Akemotubo among others too numerous to mention.

On the other hand, Urhobo delegation include Mr. Isaac Omomedia, Chairman, 

Chief Vincent Oyibode (JP), DG, Chief Tony Ofoni DDG, Comr. Enerho Godspower, Adviser, Chief Francis Arhiyor, Financial Secretary, Kelly Oghenekevwe, Alex Idu Welfare,  Chief Samuel Oghodomo, Sweet Otiotio, assistant secretary among very many others.
Photo Credit The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide

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