I’m not part of any plan to crown Freetown as king of Ijaw music – Smooth | The Liberator

By Ndu Samuel

Iconic Ijaw musician, Chief Barrister S. Smooth has disassociated himself and other Ijaw musical gazelles from the purported plan to crown Chief Pereama Freetown as the next Ijaw Music King.

His disclaimer was contained in a message he personally signed to clarify issues regarding the coronation as well as communicate his position on the matter to his fans and other stakeholders in the industry.

According to the message which was obtained by The Liberator Newspaper on Monday, Smooth expressed disappointment over the manner some elements within the Ijaw musical circle are introducing politics and practices that are alien to the allegedly sacred industry.

He said ”I wish to use this medium on behalf my humble self,Alfred Izon-ebi, Abraham Young,Allen Alleboh,Joseph Ekeremieye and Karinto to express our disappointment and disgust towards the way and manner some of our ijaw musicians have introduce a destructive and anti-ijaw politics into the ijaw musical fold.”

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”It is no longer a rumour that a few ijaw musicians have perfected selfish and unwelcome plans to crown my brother and colleague as the the next king of ijaw musicians.

The Musical legend said ”Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have reacted but for the fear of misconstruing our silence as consent thus this politely and friendly response. Our response is not born out of envy but for the protection and promotion of the ijaw musical industry irrespective of the different interpretations that would be given to piece of write-up.

”I want to make it abundantly clear to everyone and Sundry that the purported planned crowning of chief Pereama Freetown is not the collective decision of the aforementioned high ranking ijaw musicians known within and outside the ijaw ethnic nationality and as such ,the purported planned coronation of ijaw musical king should not be taken seriously by well meaning ijaw people and Nigerians at large. He

He warned the public to be careful of any person who ”parades himself as the king of ijaw music to beg or receive any gift or patronage” saying such a person should be seen and considered as a fraudster.”

While recalling the days of Robert Ebizimor as king he said ”Let me take you back to memory lane, late king (Dr) Robert Ebizimor never planned and arranged with musical kindergarten to coronates himself as the king of ijaw music. It is the ijaw people that will decide who becomes their next musical king” He declared.

He regretted that it has become so unfortunate that fans are now the ones crowing someone as King of music, and however warned that ”the name of Ijaw nation should be counted out of this purported disgraceful event.”

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