There is no doubt that since the assumption of office, the SA has confronted a lot of challenges, most of which are lies peddled by cheap blackmailers, one of which was whether Prof. Charles Dokubo Quakers was truly a Niger Deltan man, and this unfortunate incident by the camp of detractors should be addressed headlong.

One critical challenge the office has been battling in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption is to clean the Amnesty Program of corrupt practices and this recent smear campaign by some individuals are reflection of corruption fighting back.

It is now an open secret that most people who have been duly awarded contracts experience complaints of unpaid award moneys. It is also been revealed that the few who get paid have had to pay through their nose by settling DFA i.e the Director of Finance and Accounts with different percentage of the contract sum as bribe, and others pay in dollars before cheques are signed by the DFA.

The Hon. SA has received several reports, all from reliable and verifiable sources. The DFA and his cronies are only expressing fear that their pay day has finally caught up with them.

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The Hon SA is without any doubt, is the Chief Accounting officer of the Amnesty Program and as such is accountable to Mr President and as well as to the general public, particularly the good people of the Niger Delta region.

It must be emphasized in very strong terms that peace we now experience in the region is an hard earned one and must never be truncated by anyone. The Amnesty program is set up for the empowerment of the people of the Niger Delta region and no one individual should scuttle the efforts of the government.

The allegation that the SA pursued the DFA with assassins from Maitama to Police Quarters is not just false but defamatory. Prof Charles is a learned gentleman and cannot stoop to the level he is being portrayed.

We enjoin the general public to keep faith alive as we approach our brighter days.

Matthew Tamarautare Azazi

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