International Youth Day: Guwor Releases Powerful Message, Commends Mr Zion On Service To Humanity 

​To present an  award to Mr Zion Oshiobugie


Acknowledged impacts inspire greater good. 

Today I celebrate a selfless and innovative Nigerian youth. Zion Oshiobugie (@zionoshiobugie) an inspiring educator and distinguished on-air personality. He was born in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. He currently works with Crown 89.9 FM, Warri (Delta). He is also the founder/CEO of the Clever Minds Educational Foundation, a non-profit he founded in 2013 due to his passion for breaking the unease associated with the less privileged children and orphans access to education – one of the universal fundamental rights of every child. 
According to Mr. Oshiobugie he didn’t attend school early. He worked as a house help to get the least of basic education. However he was dedicated and forthright in pursuit of a better future for himself. He was never discouraged. He graduated top of class from High School and later forged to study at prestigious Petroleum Training Institute to obtain a degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering. Hardwork and academic excellence made it possible for Mr. Oshiobugie.
Mr. Oshiobugie’s started off as a private school teacher. He has always been vexed by the sore parity that exists for poor children access to quality education due to lack of finance; an issue that is typical to his growing. In middle of thinking of what he can do to ameliorate the plights of these children in terms of providing an inclusive education for them he lost his job. A situation he considered as God’s signal to pursue his first love; social entrepreneurship focused on providing quality education.

Mr. Oshiobugie’s educational charity has so far impacted the lives of over 500 ghetto children with learning centres in Edjeba Community, Kossini, all in Warri.
Mr. Oshiobugie is transforming the lives of these children one at a time. With a handful of staff, he is preparing these children for greater glory and offering somewhat more than conventional education. He is providing quality education, vocational training, entrepreneurship training, and leadership training in all of his 3 centres. His works are deserving of great public commendation. With just about US$300 (N12,540.00) per year you can sponsor a child education in any of the Clever Minds Schools.
He has received numerous awards for his social innovation and selfless services.

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He has been acknowledged by the Tony Elumelu Foundation as one the most ingenious Nigerian youths in social innovation. In 2015 he won the prestigious Tony Elemelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) Prize with a seed capital of US$5,000. Mr. Oshiobugie reinvested the prize money into the venture to improve the learning conditions for the children in all his three learning centres. The Governor of Delta State, His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur OKOWA also paid him a courtesy visit to one of Clever Minds Free School in Warri (June, 2019). The Governor was greatly inspired by the kind acts of Mr. Oshiobugie in prioritizing the future of the children. He salutes the doggedness of Mr. Oshiobugie amidst the obvious challenges associated with the terrain. He offered great words of encouragement.
Mr. Oshiobugie is much committed to social development and supporting philanthropies. 

The plan of Mr. Oshiobugie is to replicate the Clever Minds Free School Model to other parts of Nigeria. According to him, it is a global vision; especially to serve the underserved school age children, use education as a tool to end poverty and joblessness in Africa with a target to reach over 20 million children in the next 20 years.
Though most of the Clever Minds Free School centres are make-shift wooden/planks structures, Mr. Oshiobugie is optimistic of a better future for these children. He believes that they will survive the storm together. He envision a time when these children will learn in a most conducive and secured environment. He sees beyond the slums.

Mr. Oshobuge is a revered academic mentor and life coach. He was the lead facilitator of the Hon. GUWOR Emomotimi Dennis Free Jamb Project 2019 and continue to provide technical support to the GUWOR Emomotimi Foundation (GEF). He is a Global Goalkeeper of the SDGS Goal 4, which is “to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” He is a community development knowledge facilitator and proud Alumnus of Tony Elemelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP).
It is with great pleasure that I, Hon. GUWOR Emomotimi Dennis, offer this letter of public commendation to Zion OSHIOBUGIE in recognition of his impactful approach in bridging educational equality among Nigerian children. Thank you for improving the opportunities/access of the less privileged children and orphans in rural communities to quality education. On behalf of the good people of Warri South West State Constituency, in commemoration of International Youth Day (#IYD2020), I say to Mr. Zion Oshiobugie, thank you for everything you do in safeguarding the future of the less privilege children. In the coming weeks my team will be meeting with Mr. Oshiobugie to formally present the Award to him and see how to further strengthen our partnership in prioritizing the future of the next generation. Delta is proud of him. It is my sincere hope that your impacts will inspire more youths to be innovative and engage productively in development of the society. Please accept my warmest regards. 
To all the youths out there I wish you a joyful International Youth Day Celebration. May this day bring you great opportunities for you to achieve your dreams. Congratulations!

Hon. GUWOR Emomotimi Dennis,

Member Representing Warri South West State Constituency, Delta State House of Assembly.

(Press Release, August 12, 2020).

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