IPDI counters Angele, exposes more of his incompetence, says Burutu still in darkness

By Ndu Samuel

Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative (IPDI) has lambasted the chairman of Burutu Local Government Council, Hon. Godknows Angele over his reply on an open letter written to him earlier by the group.

Comr. Timi Ogobiri, spokesman of the group who countered the LG boss in a press release on Tuesday took a swipe at him describing his reply as ”unguided and frivolous, filled with distorted facts made to mislead the gullible public to curry cheap sympathy. ”

He maintained that the reply of Hon. Angele did not address the critical issues raised in the open letter, instead it was self exonerating and imbedded with lies while Burutu, headquarters of the Local Government continues to wallow in darkness for almost a year now among other issues.

‘They said ” The poor and watery reply by Angele which has no caption failed to address the critical issues raised in our open letter which has been applauded by the general public. We are not perturbed over his reply as it is self exalting. It is a lie that Burutu was a ghost town when Angele took over from his predecessor as chairman .

” Burutu was never a ghost town when Angele took office. It is disappointing for the chairman to mentioned 100kv generator acquired by the council to power the secretariat, little note books he claimed to have offered to Ayakoromo primary school pupils as legacy. ”

”However, the credibility of IPDI is not in doubt, the public can attest to It. We are not perturbed and distracted by distorted facts being canvassed in the public places by Angele and his paid writers who do not mean well for Burutu People. ”

The group which insisted that it will not keep silent and watch evil prevail over good said that Burutu Local government under the leadership of Angele has lost focus and direction as a result of bad leadership.

” It is no longer a news that Burutu Local Government Area under the leadership of Angele has lost bearing and focus, such that bad leadership has become the order of the day.

”IPDI will not join issues with kids protecting their daily bread, but sometimes we wonder that even kids too can be reasonable a times, we will never be distracted by such sponsored group of kids. ”

”We have watched Angele and his visionless leadership that is approaching two years now without any tangible and reasonable achievement that is worthy of commendation, hence the reason we have come out to expose his inefficiency’

”First and foremost, Angele is a product of imposition, he was imposed on the people of Burutu Local Government Area, due to this fact, he thinks he is untouchable, we are here to let him know that soon actions will be taken for him to give account on how he has spent our monies over the years, let us see how he will escape this media battle, he should be ready to face us. ”

”Anyway, for the purpose of the general public, Local Government Councils as the third tier of Government in Nigeria and has the statutory duty to carter for those at the grass root. For example, Water, Electricity, Education, Youth empowerments and even Health care among very many challenges are critical areas that needed to be looked into by any serious administration but all these means nothing to Mr. Chairman and his misguided crew.”

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”It becomes more worrisome how lamentations upon lamentations have rented the entire length and breadth of our dear Burutu Local Government Area, despite the financial autonomy enjoyed by councils accros the country to which Burutu is part of, for the entire country, Burutu is among the Local Governments Councils in Nigeria that is receiving highest allocation but yet nothing to show for. No wonder people are calling for the scrapping of local governments in the country as it has become a conduit pipe in siphoning public wealth.”

”We saw a watery response to our earlier position about the poor performance from his media aprons with distorted facts but they are yet to debunk our claims or critical and contentious issues raised.”

”Burutu, headquarter of the Local Government Area is in total darkness since September 16th 2019, 13days from now, it will complete one full year that Burutu will be in total darkness for a chairman that prides himself as working, this is really terrifying, you can fool people but definitely not IPDI. ”

”The general public must know that the generator that was powering Burutu before the emergence of Angele was bought by a caretaker committee chairman not even elected council chairman without local government financial autonomy, Capt. Bukman Deine (Rt) but regrettably, the administration of Angele came onboard and spoiled the generator hence the community begin to wallow in darkness. ”

”It is no longer a news that even when the purported light was said to be on, it was about six to seven hours, the light does not last for the whole night, this is the true situation even when the said light was on. This is pathetic, what does it really cost to give the people of Burutu at least 12 hours light?. ”

”We saw a report about the council chairman completing 20 constituency projects in the Local Government, this is another funny record that the public must know. Burutu Local Government Area has grown beyond this political gimmicks, 20 wooden toilets were built and we now count that as a legacy or achievement, what a pity? Oh! Wooden toilets not even block building. We are really ashamed of this. If this is really the plans Angele have for us as a people with wooden toilets, then count us out. ”

”Go and check round the Local Government Area that since the emergence of Angele as council chairman, he has not built any structure on his own to the level of completion, he is only good at painting, little renovations as if it cost much from the allocations he had been receiving for almost two years now. All what he has claimed to have done are little things one month allocation could take care of, as purported achievements cum legacies he is talking and bragging about. His tenure as council chairman of Burutu is already counting.”

”Hon. Braduce built the Governor’s lodge now known as chairman’s official residence, not one zink or wood was changed on the roof, just painting and funiture inside were done. Stop misleading the people as if much was done and spent on where he will be putting up while in Burutu, it was for his personal use.”

”As you can see, almost all the works the chairman made reference to were all renovations with many yet to even be completed.”

”There is something his paid writers fail to mention as achievement, we guess it escaped them, before his hundred days in office, Angele rushed to do a kangaroo bore hole water, the water is not only bad, not consumable but very dangerous for human consumption and at the moment, the water is no more working as it amounts to waste of public funds all in his desperate moves to personal luxuries. ”

”On youth empowerment is totally nothing to write home about. Bursary to encourage students of the Local Government Area is completely nothing to show for, we begin to ask, what is the council chairman really doing since he assumes office till now? ”

”The Burutu Area command could not come to Burutu to assume office because the chairman could not finish the renovation for almost a year now. Nothing is said about the internally generated revenue accruing to the council. Besides allocation, what about the whooping paris club money?”

”Again, don’t make people believe that you made street lights available to power the whole Burutu town, never, the thing is that he bought a generator for his personal use and later connected some funny lights in some areas leading to some of his workers at Chief Helene Enekorogha’s hotel in low beach area near the secretariat. It is not as if so much money was spent to provide street lights for the entire Burutu community. ”

”This is becoming interesting to us, we will continue to expose bad leadership in Nigeria, thanks for Angele media team for coming out to dare us to speak, we are fully ready for you people with more facts. The public should be aware that all the talks about his performance is only centered on Burutu community alone, we have not even extended it to other communities in the Local Government Area and by the time we extend it to other numerous communities, then you will know the emptiness of Angele government. ”

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