Leader Ebis Moni Sends Powerful Message To Ijaw Leaders On His Birth Anniversary

By Binebai Princewill

One of the oracles in the Niger struggle for emancipation, Chief Ebis Moni, a founder father of Meinbutu, a former armed carrying group has send a powerful message to Niger Delta leaders on his birth anniversary. 

The Niger Delta leader opened  up his mind via a statement he personally signed and issued to newsmen in Warri earlier today while marking his birth anniversary, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide. 

He noted that the Ijaw struggle for a better living standard in the Nigerian state has gone through various stages and chapters like a book. 

On happenings around the Niger Delta region, Chief Ebis Moni had called on those occupying various political offices in the country to remember and reward members of Meinbutu, stressing that it is unfair for people to abandon the group from the scheme of things despite sacrifices made by individuals in the struggle. 

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Leader Moni particularly appealed to leaders to take special recognition of the families of those in Meinbutu and other Ijaws that died while fighting for the growth and development of Ijaw nation, adding that the children, wives and families of the deceased are still living in terrific, terrible and terrifying conditions. 

Speaking further, Ebis Moni had asserted that there is strength in unity, maintaning that without unity in Ijaw nation, it will be difficult for the Ijaws to get to their place in the Nigerian state. 

The birthday celebrant had also appealed to the generalissimo of the Niger Delta struggle, High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo to see reasons to forgive Meinbutu if they have offended him so that they can work together for the betterment of Ijaw nation. 

On the issue of insecurity bedeviling some riverine parts of Burutu Local Government Area, Moni had called for synergy between Tompolo, Meinbutu and other notable Ijaw groups to collectively tackle the menace, stressing that many cannot sleep or travel to Warri freely due to the level of insecurity in the area. 

The one time chairman of Meinbutu had asserted that his greatest wish on his birth anniversary is to see a more united Ijaw nation where those that have sacrificed in the struggle can also benefit from the struggle as well as a progressing  Ijaw nation. 

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