Malabu Oil: Former IYC Spokesman Owoupele Wants FG To Apologize To Etete With Compensation

…Makes case for Ijaws to own oil blocs 

By Binebai Princewill 

A reverd titan of the Niger Delta intellectual struggle for liberation who is a former Spokesman of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, Barr. Jeremiah Owoupele has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to as a matter of urgency apologise to Chief Dan Etete over the troubles they made him pass through on the Malabu oil issue.

The Niger Delta Youth leader made the call via a statement he personally signed and issued to newsmen in Yenagoa earlier today, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers. 

Legal practitioner while speaking on critical issues bedeviling the Ijaw nation in Nigeria, had told the Federal Government of Nigeria to make plans to compensate Chief Dan Etete for making him go under a prolonged legal battle with the Federal Government of Nigeria, describing the process as a “wild goose chase aimed at maligning  the good reputation of chief Dan Etete.

Barr. Owoupele had further asked the Federal Government of Nigeria to allow Ijaws own and control oil blocs in Nigeria, stressing that the oil politics in Nigeria with oil license to operate oil blocs has not been favourable to the Ijaw people that owns a larger share of the entire oil wealth in the country, adding that such inimical and re-colonization tactics would no longer be accepted by the Ijaws.

The statement reads in full below:


The consistency of the judgements  on both United Kingdom and Milan, Italy a place where the federal government choose to file the action and after 72 hearings, 200 witness, the court came to a concurrent finding that extricated chief Dan Etete . This shows clearly that the federal government went on a wild goose chase and maligned the good reputation of chief Dan Etete.

It is also clear that this transaction was carefully and consciously planned with the sole objective to malign and destroy his reputation and remove the oil block from his ownership, an action the  Ijaw  Nation view as a calculated war against her people .

It is on record that oil deposits are enormous in our land and we have allowed its usage without any reservation  to keep our economy stable and bouyant. 

The irony however is that while we bear the burden of the negative effects of oil exploration from pollution , oil spillage, ill treatment from both IOCs and the federal government, non implementation of MOUs and non performance in terms of social corporate responsibility in areas  of operation , we also have the least amount of sons and daughters who have oil blocks  as well as least developed in terms of infrastructures .

In the light of the foregoing let it be made very clear that such manifest state sponsored actions has the capability to create tensions and a relapse in the security situation in the region especially with recent developments. 

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We feel insecure, relegated and above all deliberately punished for committing no crime. Ours is a struggle of equal opportunities, a quest that has become most abused and misconstrued. 

We warn that such continued systemic targeting and victimization of our people will further frustrate our people to take very radical positions that will not promote peaceful coexistence. 

It is our submission that the federal government should offer without any HESITATION a clear and specific APOLOGY TO CHIEF DAN ETETE.

The federal government should also pay him compensation for all the troubles and loses that are associated to this unfortunate and deliberate act in damaging his reputation and his business.

It is also submitted that more indegenous people be allowed not only to freely participates but be issued oil licenses.

Ijaw Nation will view such actions as a positive light in an otherwise dark terrain with its negative effects over the years .




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