More Trouble As Egbesu Fighters Backs Tompolo’s 7-Days Ultimatum To Constitute NDDC Substantive Board

Scores of Militant groups in the Nine States of the Niger Delta led by the renowned Supreme Egbesu Freedom Fighters have joined force with the protesting umbrella body of Ijaw Youths Council (IYC), threatening to shut down Major all Oil exploration flow stations and oil wells with major NNPC crude delivery pipeline activities in the region over the refusal of President Muhammadu Buhari to call Akpabio and his cronies to order and inaugurate the substantive board of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

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 The Supreme Egbesu freedom fighters warned that if the federal government refuse to heed  to the clarion call of the emancipated long suffering neglected and abandoned people in the region and refuse to inaugurate the NDDC board within the 7 days ultimatum already declared by our most respected Frontline freedom fighter of Niger Delta, High Chief Government Ekpomupolo AKA Tompolo the GOC of Niger Delta struggle we will have no choice than to join hands with all other forces with the Ijaw Youth Council and other agitating militant groups in the creeks to shut down oil exploration activities on all flow stations, the Escravos-Warri to Kaduna NNPC major delivery crude line,the Escravos Lagos atlas cove delivery line and the Trans Escravos Warri Kaduna gas line that supply electricity to Abuja will not be spared and there will be no gas supply for electricity in Abuja, Lagos Kaduna and the Northern part of the country also the Trans Forcados 48- inches terminal underwater shell/NNPC crude delivery pipeline with most of the Chevron RMP24 Clough creek line will all be brought to stand still in the wake of this 7 days ultrasound, if Akpabio and his presidential cabals refuse to lay off their hands and allow the federal government to inaugurate the NDDC board.

 The Supreme Egbesu Freedom Fighters, in a statement issued yesterday via electronic mail at the end of an emergency meeting conveyed by the Commanding officer, Major General AGADAGBA 1 OBUS also known as Thunder, said the trans Nembe Bonny creek Crude pipeline will not be excluded from the combined and coordinated Operation code named #SHUTDOWN OIL FLOW STATIONS & PIPELINES 4 NDDC BOARD INAUGURATION#.

In the statement, the Supreme Egbesu Freedom Fighters stated that “On this note the Supreme Egbesu freedom fighters group and the other Agitating Militant groups in the creek urged President Muhammadu Buhari led APC federal government, as a matter of security concern and for the interest of peace and economic stability immediately call the minister of Niger Delta Affairs Mr Godswill Akpabio and his cohorts to lay off there hands and let the presidency quickly call for the inauguration of the NDDC board without any further delay for the interest of peace in the Niger Delta region and for the overall interest of the country.

 “And if Akpabio and gang of corrupt minded fellows of cronies refuse to yield to this noble piece of advice and still go against the common interest of the Niger Delta people and decide to continue to hold the entire Niger Delta region to ransom and refuse to let go off the grid of refusal and opposed to the inauguration of the NDDC board which means whatever that will be the fall out of this in the creek on before the expiration of this fresh one week ultimatum in alliance with the Tompolo one week declaration, this will lead to shutting down of this major crude flow stations and NNPC major crude oil delivery pipelines in the specific targeted locations in the creek then SEFFM should to be blamed rather all the blames and the economic woes ”should be channeld to Mr Akpabio and his fellow corrupt minded cronies at the presidency.

“The presidency and the federal government should hold Akpabio, the minister of Niger Delta Affairs And his cousin brother the sole Administrator of the NDDC, Mr Effiong Akwa responsible and therefore whatever that befall in the creek of the region the supreme Egbesu freedom fighters and the other Agitating Militant groups should not be held responsible”.

 “We want to make it clear that with the way things are going President Buhari who was elected to provide good Governance for the welfare and betterment of the Niger Delta people and Nigerians at Large, will refuse to do the needful and take drastic stand and listen to cry of the generality of the Niger Delta people and fold his hands and keep quiet and allow the so called corrupt minded politicians from the region Including the so called ministers representing the region are all in support of the minister of Niger Delta Affairs Mr Akpabio for not advicing the Mr President to call Akpabio to order and inaugurate the NDDC board for the interest of peace in the region before things will take a new turn, because everybody knows how the fragile nature the Niger Delta region is.

“These and many other anti-people tendencies diversive decisions is frustrating the tireless peace efforts made by some political leaders such as the Deputy Senate President,  Senator Ovie Omo agege and some well meaning stakeholders from the region whom have work hard tirelessly to achieve this existing fragile peace in the creek of the region may be jettisoned by the greed of just one man alone called Mr Godswill Akpabio with a false fake pretense of nonsense foreinsic audit that has no any good intention for the good people of the Niger Delta region rather the cooked fake stage managed and arranged foreignsic audit with some cabals in the presidency is just a ploy for Akpabio to shutchange the rest ethnic Nationalities that made up the Niger Delta region for not to be represented in the board of the NDDC commission so that he alone and his corrupt fellow of cronies will continue to holdsway and embzzle the Billions allocated for the Commission for the develpoment of the region to be diverted into one man pocket alone and their families on the detriment of all the other ethnic Nationalities in the region.
 The Militant group also said despite their non-participation in the ongoing agitations of sessecion in the south west and the south eastern part of the country that looming like a bombshell in the country, it is high time Mr President and the APC led federal government should listen to the laud outcry of the large population of the entire Niger Delta region and urgently quickly inaugurate the NDDC board for the interest of peace before it is too late.”or may be the presidency dose not like the way the Niger Delta region is calm without any trouble waters for now.

 “And the federal government should know that the Niger region is the bedrock of the economy of this country and it should just allow the sleeping dogs lie low and is not good to provoke us and push us not to do what we don’t want to before it will lead to the crippling of the economy, wish will eventually lead to another recession and if within this one  week ultimatuim expiration and nothing is done to inaugurate the NDDC board then we will bleed the economy of the Nation without looking back and wen we start it will be uncontrollable even the Amnesty Coordinator Mr Dikkio can not stand on our way to calm us down.

 “The long emancipated people of the Niger Delta region who have been denied better life despite their blessed human and natural resources The host communities are not recognized by the NNPC,, even the pipeline surveillance Contract Jobs too are awarded to only one man from Edo state, chief Captain Hosa Okunbo who is flown out of the country for medical ground for over a year plus has now sublected the pipeline surveillance Contract Job to his son in law the incoming Olu of Itsekiri with one Mr Benson Onuaje against the detriment of the Ijaw oil producing Communities in the creek who are the landlords to this NNPC pipelines in the creek.

The Supreme Egbesu freedom Fighters Militant Group in the creek will not fold there arms and allow this perpetual injustice to continue any longer and it is unacceptable to us anymore because the Ijaw people who are the major landlords to this NNPC pipelines in the creek can not be enslaved by the Itsekiris and there bini billionaire inlaw from Edo state any more.

Therefore we want to use this medium to call on the group managing director of NNPC with President Muhammadu Buhari to cancel the NNPC pipeline surveillance Contract Job from Ocean Marine Solutions Company that is owned by chief Captain Hosa Okunbo a bini man from Edo state who is undermining the Ijaw people, our long silent and keeping calm can not be taking for granted in the creek any more, we are ready to take full charge of the pipeline surveillance Contract from the bini man and enough is enough of this perpetual injury melted on us by one man from Edo state in connivance with his Itsekiri in-laws and continue to deny us who are the landlords to this NNPC pipelines in the creek.

Enough is enough for Akpabio and his cohort for this nonsense meaningless useless inhuman selfish devilish man made cooked fake stage managed audio empty foreinsic audit slogan that Akpabio is using to silent and deny the other ethnic Nationalities not to be properly represented in the NDDC commission and this is a ploy for Akpabio to hold the entire Niger Delta region to ransom and it will not be allowed anymore.,the dreaded Supreme Egbesu Freedom Fighters Militant Group has spoken.

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