NBS Rating: Latimore Under Fire Over Comment On Mulade – The Liberator

The Director of Media, Niger Delta Progressive Youth Forum, NPYF, Comrade Ezekiel Kagbala has urged Deltans to ignore the recent rating of Delta as the second richest State in Nigeria.

In a press statement made available to newsmen on Monday in Warri, Kagbala noted that the present administration was yet to get it right in the area of job creation, sustainable and human capital development.

He also chastised Dr. Fred Latimore for his uncultured outburst in a bid to find favour from Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. Ezekiel Kagbala noted that Latimore’s messages in most WhatsApp groups are becoming suspicious, defective and negatively infectious.

He described the recent rating of Delta State by the National Bureau of Statistics, as the second richest State in Nigeria as a black market rating purchased by backscratchers like Latimore to attract favour to themselves.

Contrary to the defective crafting of Latimore, we acknowledge Sheriff Mulade as the authentic voice of development in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria and indeed Africa.

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Kagbala said it is an aberration and insult to the collective intelligence of Deltans for anyone to adopt a black market rating that may have been illicitly bought by gate-crashing communicators like Latimore in the Delta State Government. Our listening Governor Okowa should know that Deltans cannot celebrate Black Market rating in the face of hopelessness.

“As for you Latimore, we watch with great disappointment how unsuccessful your sycophancy has become. You have squandered your credibility and traded your integrity so cheaply with your false claims that you left APC and got appointed as EA to Okowa. Within seven months of your appointment as an EA, you claimed that President Buhari appointed you as Chairman of Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology. Bros, why you dey lie like this?

“If really you were appointed by President Buhari of APC and you left Federal appointment to beg for a smaller State appointment under the PDP, then your activities are suspicious. You must have displayed gross political promiscuity and misuse of freedom of association, an attitude worth investigating in the area of anti-party conducts.

“It is the height of ignorance for a lawyer who now malfunctions as a Press Secretary to Delta State Government to demand for empirical evidences for a critique of a perceived black market rating.

“You are not the Governor of Delta State, so why the demand for rating? You are neither the State Information Commissioner nor even a trained or experienced journalist. We advise that you look for a better means of livelihood so that old age does not take you unawares.” Kagbala stated.

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