NDDC: IIA Boss Salaco Writes Ijaw Leaders On Akpabio’s Pay Roll To Have Pity On Niger Deltans 



My Dear One Time Respected Ijaw Youth Leaders,

I write to first and foremost salute you all from the dogged Izanzan Intellectual Camp where we always embrace the use of the pen as bullet and the book as gun to reawaken the consciousness of our dear people, despite derailing and compromising actions and inactions of some of our suppose great leaders to the detriment of our collective interest in the Ijaw Nation.

The recent happening is indeed mind blowing as our once respected youth leaders has decided to exchange the collective interest of Ijaw nation for peanut, while giving more privilege to Minister Akpbio who from day one has been against the genuine agitation of the Ijaw people that led to the creation of the Niger Delta ministry, The Amnesty office and the NDDC.

Over 218 Billion Naira meant for the development of Niger Delta was spent and shared by Akpabio and co during the covid_19 lockdown without a single  project to show, ironically, another batch of funds from the oil companies amounting to over 130 billion has just been released to NDDC. Precisely, on the 4th of January to 8th of January 48 freshly processed fake water hyacinth and River disilting projects files from Abuja have swallowed about 50 Billion Naira from the NDDC accounts. 

Since the IOC’s money entered the commission’s account from the beginning of the year, a particular private jet stationed at the PHC airport has bn shuttling Ph__Abuja with the fake 48 water hyacinth and River disilting files to perfect the paper works to siphon and loot the money. Information reaching us states that some key directors of NDDCc that declined to partake in perfecting the looting spree were immediately transferred out and replaced with their cohorts.

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Our dear people of Niger Delta mostly the Ijaws, what is the annual budget of some states in the North, mostly Gombe, Sokoto,  Taraba and even Ebonyi and others that are witnessing visible developments? Apparently, Most of their budgets are less than 200 Billion Naira annually yet they are witnessing visible developments in their various state. In less than a year, 350 billion has been mismanaged and shared with Abuja by Akpabio. 

My one time respected but now greedy Ijaw youth leaders on Akpabio’s pay roll, who no longer recognizes the line between evil and good, lie and truth in the Ijaw Nation to please have pity or plead with Chief Godswill Akpabio to have mercy on the region for the sake of the future.

We also enjoined u our respected leaders at your quite time, question yourselves the decision you have taken to support Akpabio to continue the looting in NDDC,  it is for the collective betterment of our poor Ijaw Nation or it is borne out of your personal greed?

The Ijaws need more development than any other ethnic group in the Niger delta for goodness sake, only in Ijaw Nation we have less than 8% of our communities connected to motorable roads, potable drinking water, health care, electricity and others but here we are in less than 8 months over 350 Billion Naira of our funds meant for the primary developmental responsibilities is been shared in Abuja by one shameless man because of his personal presidential political ambition. Sadly Ijaw people are falling over themselves to be part of those to help him for the looting spree for peanuts.

Shame on you! Shame on you! Mind you collectively the Ijaws produces over 70% of the oil in Nigeria but most backward in terms of development, no enough political space, no economic space and others because of our foolishness and greediness.

But we will not relent until justice is done in the commission even if you all decides to join Akpabio to paralyse the commission, but be rest assured that the gods of the land will one day rise up to judge all of us that contributed to the underdevelopment of our communities and the Niger delta region. Egberi fa oh

Asy SNR_________

001, IzanzanCamp

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