NDDC Saga: Ijaw Spiritual Group, Egbesu Brotherhood Vibrates, Knocks Avengers On Muteness 

Says IYC must act fast, wants NASS to complete probing within two weeks 

By Binebai Princewill

Ijaw spiritual group under the aegis of Egbesu Brotherhood (EB) has vibrated following the alleged massive looting bedeviling the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) under the Interim Management Committee led by Prof. Pondei. 

While expressing their level of displeasure on the monumental fraud hovering around the NDDC and how it has become a comedy in the world, the Egbesu Brotherhood had wondered on the silence of the deadly Niger Delta Avengers on the face of unbridled corruption in the Commission. 

Egbesu Brotherhood expressed their displeasure via a statement issued to newsmen in Warri yesterday after an emergency meeting, in a statement signed by priest Ellington Bakumor, Deputy Cordinator, Egbesu Brotherhood, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper, the group has raised series of burning issues. 

The statement in addressing series of issues surrounding the NDDC and the ongoing probe by the National Assembly, Egbesu Brotherhood had tasked the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC ) Worldwide to immediately swinge into action by saving Niger Deltans from the endemic corruption. 

However, the spiritual group had also given the National Assembly two weeks to reveal all the cankerworms in the NDDC saga or else they will be forced to loose confidence on NASS. 

The statement reads in full below:

On the emergency convergence of the leadership and stakeholders of Egbesu brotherhood on the embarrassing turn out of events at the National Assembly on the NDDC probe, the following positions were taken after critical examination and evaluation of the effects of the continuous fraud carried out against the Niger Delta People and the impunity in which such matters are swept under the carpet.

1 .That the  Egbesu Brotherhood ., is not a pacifist religious practice that requires us to kowtow in the face of injustice but to rise to the occasion to defend the wealth and heritage of our people, the Ijaw people and the Niger Delta people in general when necessary .

2 .We have been too quiet on the happenings that are clearly a sign of greater impunity to befall our people, if we do not act as fast as we will now, even as we also call on IYC and all stake holders in the region to rise to the occasion and save the Nddc and Amnesty Office from rots and corrupt people , and that the silence of the self styled NDA who claim to be fighting for the interest of the Common man of the niger delta is becoming a mirage 

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3 .That the NDDC and amnesty Office is a creation of the federation in attestation of the deprivation of our people even as the Goose that lays the Golden egg 

4 .That we support the ongoing Probe by the National Assembly to audit to the extent that the list of every company or individual that has taken part in the mismanagement and merciless looting of our collective wealth should be published irrespective of the owners profile.

5 .That we are embarrassed by the wickedness of our own Niger delta leaders like Akpabio, hence we support the probe of the national assembly on the Interim Management Committee and any fraud related activities within the NDDC, but however remind them that Nddc and Amnesty office must remain intact and must be reserved for the Niger delta People . 

6 .That we will resist any form of arm twisting Or blackmail that will result to the end of the national assembly probe, as it is the collective destiny of our people that is being carted away through fraud and financial misappropriations.

7 .That we are giving two weeks to the Interim management committee and national assembly probe panel to conclude the investigation and show Niger Delta people and indeed Nigerians those entities involved in the day light robbery of our people.

8 .That at the end of this ultimatum, if NASS betrays the trust of our people,  we may loose confidence in the process of the National Assembly and then reexpress our right as divinely given to fight for the hopeless and downtrodden of the Niger Delta within the ambience of the law of the land .


Ellington Bakumor

Deputy Cordinator 

Egbesu Brotherhood

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