Nigerian Military rank 4th in Africa, 44th global

The Nigerian military has been ranked as the 4th most powerful military in the African continent, and also sits on the 44th position in world ranking.

According to a new list of military rankings released by Globalfirepower, the Nigerian military rated 0.7007 on its Power Index score to be positioned behind Egypt, Algeria and South Africa, Africa’s top three militaries.

Based on the Power Index score, Nigeria is also ranked as the 44th most powerful military in the world.

The Liberator observed that the current ranking was similar to the position the country maintained in last year’s rating.

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The website said it considered values such as military manpower, air power, land strength, naval power, resources, logistics, finance and geography to arrive at each nation’s ranking

Further details shows that Egypt is the he highest ranked African country with 12th most powerful military in the world. The Egyptian Armed Forces had a Power Index score of 0.2283.

The second most powerful military in Africa and the 27th in the world belongs to Algeria which had a Power Index of 0.4551. South Africa’s Armed Forces sit in the third position in Africa with a rating of 32nd most powerful in the world.

They had a Power Index score of 0.5405. After Nigeria, the fifth most powerful military in Africa belongs to the Ethiopia which ranked 47th in the world with a Power Index score.

Angola military is sixth most powerful in Africa and 58th in the world with its Power Index score of 0.815.

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