Nigerians must revert to farming to mitigate famine – farmer | The Liberator

A fish farmer, Mr Lere Bello, has advised Nigerians to go back to farming to mitigate famine and boost food production post COVID-19 pandemic.

Bello gave the advice in an interview with newsmen in Ilorin on Saturday.

He said that food was one of the basic needs of life and its production must not be taken for granted.

The farmer said that in the face of dwindling economy due to COVID-19, Nigerians, especially youths, should go back to the farms.

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“Most of the jobs we do is to put food on our table, but when the food is no longer available, then we are in trouble.”

“Scarcity of food is unthinkable. We must prevent it by all means, after the pandemic is over, may we not experience famine.”

“Oil is failing, tourism is failing, even trade between nations is failing owing to this pandemic, the only thing we have left is our natural resources and produce.”

“I just want to urge Nigerians to embrace farming in its entirety, crop production, fishery, animal rearing, poultry and snail farming.”

“Agriculture is what the weight of our economy will fall on, and we must have more than enough manpower to carry it,” Bello said

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