NPDC OML 40: Egbema Group Issue Seven Days Ultimatum To Chevron, Backs NPDC

By Binebai Princewill 

A dual group operating under the aegis of Concerned Citizens of Egbema Kingdom and Concerned Citizens of Polobubor Community with same signatories as leaders have countered earlier statement from persons in the kingdom who had given 7 days ultimatum to the Nigeria Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), describing the ultimatum as unnecessary and diversionary. 

This was contained in a statement jointly signed by the trio of Comr. Benjamin Ofiyai (BBC) President CCEK/CCPC, Engr Owei Evans Tiemo Secretary and Mr. Karina Pablogba a.k.a Kala CSO, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide earlier today.

However, the group had in an opposite direction issued a seven days ultimatum to Chevron Nigeria Limited, alleging that they are the root cause of the problems bedeviling the area and not NPDC.

It would be recalled that while NPDC is operating Oml 40 Opuama Flow Station, 

Chevron Nigeria Ltd has been operating the Opuekeba Platform, all in Egbema Kingdom, Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State. 

The statement reads below:


The eagle sowers high when the wind becomes more turbulence and it is our practicable rule that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. 

In response to the 7 days ultimatum given to NPDC and the anarchy  it is about to embrace, the President of Concerned Citizens of Polobubor Community CCPC, Comr Benjamin Ofiyai, popularly known as  BBC and the Secretary of CCPC Engr. Owei Evans Tiemo and Karina Pablogba CSO CCEK/CCPC on behalf of the Exco, BoT and members are making this resolution to address the issue of 7 days ultimatum to NPDC.

The aforementioned issue needs proper address in the sense that npdc is not the core cause of pollution in Opuama/Polobubor communities rather it is Chevron Nig ltd  that has caused immense damage to our aquatic habitat since their operations began in our area.

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Taking this issue of environmental degradation, pollution and ecological damages to NPDC is  parochial, sentimental, selfish and biase in all ramification in the sense that Shell operated in our domain in 1972 with all necessary measures put in place which NPDC followed up till date from 2013 and has been keeping environmental protection, prevention in line with EIA and even the present dredging operations ongoing. 

To be candid and frank, it was Chevron Nig. Ltd exploration dredging of Awoye in 1993 through the sea that led to the siltation water pollution and complete damage of the ecosystem of Opuama/Polobubor communities till date. This plight is well known to most of the leaders in Polobubor and Opuama communities and needs to be addressed by Chevron Nig Ltd which most of us drag Chevron to make a way to block the dredged Awoye tributary which has caused this environmental issues rather, some selfish persons approached  Chevron by collecting huge contract to let go of Chevron.

Why leave the knife that cut the chicken to blame the pot that cooked the chicken. Leaders of Polobubor community should not do things solely without the consent of Opuama community which may cause anarchy. Rather they should drive a conjunction body to meet Chevron to block their dredged Awoye tributary to stop our river from siltation pollution, environmental degradation and aquatic catastrophe by dredging Opuama and Polobubor (Tsekelewu) waterways to enhance social, economical and commercial activities which in turn will give the people a sense of belonging in the society as it is before oil exploration. NPDC is a secondary address to this lingering issue and should not be the one to bell the cat.

More so inline with our community representative operating the Polobubor (Tsekelewu) Welfare Association and the Polobubor (Tsekelewu) Oil & Gas committee been the appropriate and constituted bodies that negotiate for job contracts and oil matters should be given their rightful place to address any anomalies in case there is need for such agitation by both communities in the sense that we shouldn’t give room to every opportunist to override constituted authorities which can give room to impersonation, rift, rancor and communal crises, these are more reasons Concerned Citizens of Polobubor Community CCPC as a unified and constituted intellectual pressure group with her motto: “Development is possible” is out to prevail in the issue of giving NPDC a 7 days ultimatum to be given to Chevron Nigeria Ltd as well so as to stand equity and Justice because Chevron activities are worst in environmental degradation, pollution siltation and aquatic destruction even a year ago fire outbreak from Chevron oil well in Ikpalakoalabou than any NPDC operations.

That NPDC has been our major help and contributor in terms of the ongoing major electrification project cut across all Olodua communities and villages, telecommunication, about commencing  water project,   employment,  scholarship, hospital and housing with the help of our amiable and sincere leader Hon. Alhaji Emmanuel Omoko from 2013 till date.

Hon. Alhaji is a selfless leader who has been of good relationship with NPDC has been  attracting  major projects which is more beneficiary than the Chevron Nig Ltd GMoU system that has led to gross marginalization of host communities since 2004 till date.

CCEK / CCPC is on a peaceful equity and Justice envoy.


Comr. Benjamin Ofiyai (BBC) President CCEK/CCPC

Engr Owei Evans Tiemo Secretary 

Mr. Karina Pablogba a.k.a Kala CSO

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