Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

Obotobo II youth president, Uyadongha calls for love, unity among youths of Ogulagha Kingdom 

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By Binebai Princewill
The president general of Obotobo II community in Ogulagha Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta, Comr. Samuel Ebiarede Uyadongha has called for love and unity among youths of the kingdom.
President Ebiarede made the disclosure in his new year message to youths of the kingdom yesterday in Warri, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper.
He particularly noted that there is power in unity, stressing that without love and unity among the youths of Ogulagha Kingdom, the age long issue of proper development of the kingdom will continue to be a mirrage.
Speaking further, Comr. Samuel noted that the future of Ogulagha kingdom is bright if only the people will throw away all form of internal strife among members of the the kingdom and drastically pursue the issue of underdevelopment that has engulfed the kingdom over the years.
He had noted that owing to the quantity of oil produced on daily basis in Ogulagha Kingdom, Ogulagha as a distinguished kingdom ought to have become a paradise by now after many years of oil exploration by multinational oil companies.
President Samuel frowned that the level of development both from the federal and multinational oil companies operating in the Kingdom over the years is not comensurable to what is going out of the kingdom on a daily basis.
However, he maintained that these are some of the many challenges bedeviling the kingdom, adding that it is through love and unity among the youths and other critical stakeholders in the Kingdom that will bring to rest this age long question of underdevelopment.
Nevertheless, the Obotobo II youth President had further called on all youths in Ogulagha Kingdom to continue to rally behind and support the reign of the paramount ruler of Ogulagha Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Elder. Capt. Joseph Timiyan, (JP) Agbonu, Torubobou 1, the Ebenanawei of Ogulagha Kingdom.
He asserted that supporting the administration of Agbonu will bring about the needed development in Ogulagha Kingdom, adding that everyone should throw away their grievances in order to join forces to move the Kingdom forward.
Meanwhile, Comr. Samuel had appreciated the Ogulagha Kingdom paramount ruler for the financial supports given to the youths of Obotobo II community during their 2019 end of year party, praying that long life and prosperity shall continue to envelop the paramount ruler.
Ebiarede also extended greetings to his youths and other critical stakeholders of the community that supported the event in one way or the other that made the event fruitful.

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