Wed. Feb 24th, 2021

Ofougbene: King Allen, Takemebo to thrill on three days annual Agula festival on Friday, Sunday

Eferemowene masquerade of Ofougbene

According to the chairman of Ofougbene community in Iduwini Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, Comr. Yerin Golo,  has stated that arrangements has been made for Ijaw musical lcons King Allen A. Alabor and Chief Kingsley Takemebo to thrill at the 2019 Agula festival of the community.

In giving a breakdown of the event, the community chairman had stated that this year’s festival is tagged “Agula” festival which is billed to begin on Friday 22nd to terminate on the 24th of March 2019 at the Ofougbene community playground.

According to the programme of event, Chief Kingsley Takemebo and his band set will entertain guests on the 22nd of March on Friday at the Ofougbene community playground at night while the wonderful Agula masquerade will be displaying for the admiration of all to mark the beginning of the festival at around 2:30pm in the afternoon.

It would be recalled that the three days festival will also feature the blissful performance of the Eferemowene masquerade, a masquerade that moves as fast as the breeze, he is usually beautifully decorated on white, the performance is indeed a sight to behold.

The Eferemowene masquerade will be on his outing with so many other intriguing features to be experienced throughout the festival.

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The dramatic Benikpobiokpo masquerade will be live on stage to display on the last day of the festival which is scheduled on Sunday 24th of March 2019 while King Allen Alabor will be thrilling the audience at night with his scintillating musical performance.

The Benikpobiokpo masquerade just like the Agula masquerade are truly masquerades to watch.

Benikpobiokpo is dramatic as forces from the forest and water will be drawn in a power contest on who takes the son who now lives in the land among men with each claiming superiority on owning the son.

Meanwhile, the festival will also feature other cultural displays by different cultural groups in Ijaw land, notable among them include the Isaba cultural troupe among others.

Nevertheless, Mr. Golo had appealed to members of the general public, Niger Deltans, particularly the Ijaws to grace the occasion as the community had concluded plans to host guests during the festival.

He had noted that the 2019 Ofougbene Agula festival will be so interesting as lots of other side attractions would be put in place to keep the town busy.

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