Fri. Sep 18th, 2020

Ogulagha Jamb Center: SAF purchases 79 forms for indigenes

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By Binebai Princewill
Chairman of the Shadrack Agediga Foundation, SAF, His Excellency, Amb. Shedrack Agediga has through his life transforming Non Governmental Organisation, NGO reached out to indigenes of Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State by purchasing 79 Jamb forms for prospective candidates.
This was made known to newsmen in Warri recently via a publication posted on several social media platforms, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper.
The 79 candidates were selected from all communities constituting the Oil rich Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.
Amb. Comr. Agediga noted that his NGO will continue to contribute its quota for the advancement of society, stressing that the organization is happy to always reach out to people in the society.
He particularly hinted our reporter that registration is currently ongoing for the prospective Jamb candidates.
Speaking further on the Ogulagha Jamb Center, the first in the history of Delta Ijaw riverine communities, Agediga had called on critical stakeholders in Ogulagha Kingdom and other lovers of Education in Niger Delta region to do what they can to contribute their quota for the center, maintaining that as a new center, there is need to register as many as possible candidates.
Meanwhile, Agediga had particularly lauded Hon. Julius Pondi, member representing Burutu Federal constituency, House of Representatives for drawing the Jamb Center to Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.
See the release containing names of the candidates to be sponsored by SAF bellow.
1. Belle Edisemi shaneal (Ogulagha).
2. Bonny Tamarapreye (Sokebolou).
3. Douperegha Isaac (Obotobo 1).
4. Mercy Kpuke (Ogulagha).
5. Tonbrapagha Opukiri
6. Youdegha Caleb Doubra (Ogulagha).
7. Keneware Joshua
8. Lukpe .T. Sarah (Ogulagha).
9. Seimode Tamarabrakumo Esther ( Ogulagha ).
10. Kebbi Peace Ebimoboere (Ogulagha).
11. Yeinanagbegha Ebimo favour (Obotobo 1).
12. Yeinanagbegha Faith (Obotobo 1).
13. Willikie Tamaraubrakemi Cynthia (Sokebolou).
14. Julius Princess (Ogulagha).
15. Keneware Peremobowei Emmanuel (Ogulagha).
16. Ifitibou Tari Godwill (Sokebolou).
17. Obehi Brakemi (Ogulagha).
18. Gawei Wisdom Emontongha (Obotobo 1).
19. Diribuwei Kennedy (Ogulagha).
20. Yousuo Favour (Ogulagha).
21. Ayelatei Timipre Augustin (Sokebolou).
22. James Deborah (Ogulagha).
23. Louis .T. Okporo (Sokebolou).
24. Ayelatei Caleb $
25. Oyeye Prince (Sokebolou).
26. Akassawei Gift Warefiniere (Ogulagha).
27. Priscilla Preye (Obotobo 2).
28. Orlando Pere Blessing (Sokebolou).
29. Tukorogha Benabine (Ogulagha).
30. Origilo Precious (Sokebolou).
31. Ikiyegha Trust (Obotobo 1).
32. Ayefagha Prais-God ( Ogulagha ).
33. Bello Powei Charles (Ogulagha).
34. Hope Otobo (Ogulagha).
35. Okiyo Charity (Ogulagha).
36. Victor Hope (Obotobo 1).
37. Faidumu Tamarauemi (Obotobo 1).
38. Seimode Praise Tamaralayefa (Ogulagha).
39. Seimode Wisdom David (Ogulagha).
40. Agbefa Preye Divine (Ogulagha).
41. Godwin Bebebina Becky (Sokebolou).
42. Benjamin Paulet Okumieyefa (Ogulagha).
43. Godgift Gbegha (Sokebolou).
44. Agolo Ebimo (Yokiri).
45. Okotie success Doutimiareye (Sokebolou).
46. Nnana Destiny (Ogulagha).
47. Abraham Ebi Guwor (Ogulagha).
48. Praise Eniye Okotete (Ogulagha).
49. Ikiyegha Tamara Etuemi (Obotobo 1).
50. Favour Gawei (Obotobo 1).
51. Peretonbofa Solomon Igolukumo (Sokebolou).
52. Pukon Onaikebiyai Pires (Ogulagha).
53. Precious Amafini ( Ogulagha).
54. Preye Amafini (Ogulagha).
55. Koru Ayebakuro Tamarabrakemi (Yokiri).
56. Etunemi Ibori (Ogulagha).
57. Akpofimiwei .S. Welemu (Sokebolou).
58. Emolagha Destiny (Sokebolou).
59. Fatiede Godspower (Ogulagha).
60. Demebi Emontonghan Benjamin (Ogulagha) ( Direct Entry level ).
61. Lakemefa Enjoymene Jedediah (Ogulagha) ( Direct Entry level ).
62. Thomas Benikurukuru Frank (Ogulagha).
63. Timi Bayai ( Sokebolou).
64. Bayai Jude Junior ( Sokebolou).
65. James Bernard ( Sokebolou).
66. Tuma Eddseimorkumor Kingsley (Yokiri) ( Direct Entry ).
66. Pukon Tonbra ( Sokebolou).
67. Jacob Salvation Preye ( Yokiri).
68. Laide .T. Mercy (Ogulagha) ( Direct Entry ).
69. Tracy Potoki (Ogulagha).
70. Appah Wandogu Teyenador (Sokebolou).
71. Appah Wandogu Tamaraebi (Sokebolou).
72. Napoleon Victory Tamaraebragha (Ogulagha).
73. Napoleon Valerie Tamaralayefa. (Ogulagha).
74. Koru Oyerikumo Racheal (Ogulagha).
75. Nimughan Peremoboere (Obuguru).
76. Sunday Endurance Festus (Sokebolou).
77. Sunday Tibe-ebi (Sokebolou).
78. Ayelatei Sunday (Sokebolou).
79. Zuwegha Paul Pere (Ogulagha).

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