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One Year After, Chief Evans Recalls Memories Of His Late Wife Emizibo  - The Liberator

One Year After, Chief Evans Recalls Memories Of His Late Wife Emizibo 

….Shed tears, says he will forever love her 

…Greets all those that sympathized with him during her painful demise 

By Binebai Princewill

March 12th 2020 will continue to be in history as a black day  to High Chief Amb. Evans Etimigba (JP), a day death cruelly came to snatch away his wife away, late Etimigba Vivian Emizibo. 

In his heart touching message, Chief Evans Etimigba, the Fungewei of Iduwini Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State had recalled memories of his wife while she was alive.

Amb. Evans Etimigba did not only shed tears while pening the heart touching message but had noted that he will forever love his late wife Emizibo. 

He also acknowledged and greeted several personalities that took out their time to sympathized with him during the painful demise of his wife. 

The message reads in full below:

Your Husband and kids are  missing you for the past 1year precisely Thursday 12th of March 2020, a woman who is always smiling and make impact to anyone that comes her way particularly making the happiness and Joy of your Husband and kids a priority in all Ramifications, life has never remain same since you left us behind, i am proud to inform you that your senior daughter Ebiakpor now studies Law in One of the reputation private institutions in the Country, as i know you are always by our sides every moment, We missed your Love and care.

After many years we spent together, bringing children into this great world, making plans about the future little  did I know that you were going to leave all our plans unfulfilled. 

I wish you could stay a little longer so I could show you how much I love and care about you and our kids. 

I will always love and cherish you and all of our memories both good, bad and worse ones even in your absence. 

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I promise to make sure that I show you how much I care by taking care of our kids like I have always done and will always do. 

I will forever love you.

Your Husband Chief Evans with a sorrowful heart

My sincere appreciation goes to HRM LUCK KALANAMA PERE OF AKUGBENE MEIN KINGDOM.HRM BOSU DIO JP AYAMABULOU I THE IBENANAWEI OF IDUWINI KINGDOM BURUTU, DELTA STATE. HRM SAMUEL EVAH PERE OF OPOROMO KINGDOM HRM POLOKOWEI PERE OF OGBOLUBIRI KINGDOM AND THEIR CHIEFS WHO FIND TIME OUT OF THEIR BUSY SCHEDULES TO COME AND CONSOLED ME AND MY FAMILY, POLITICAL CLASS LED BY RT HON JULIUS GBABOJOR PONDI,HON EMOMOTIMI DENNIS GUWOR,HON JUDGE EKPOMUPOLO, Hon Daniel Yingi,Rt Hon Godknows Agele Chairman Burutu LGA.Hon Double Chief Comboye Ikisa,Hon Ignatius Ziakegha,Hon Joshua Evene,Hon Churchill Botu,Chief Fezigha Odu,Double Chief Kestin Pondi. Chief Komieyefa Udubor,High Chief Amb.Sunday Oruware JP.High Chief Amb.Sunny Gbegha JP. Chief Adipere Polokowei.Chief Stanley Yangaboi.Chief Joseph Eseimokumor.Chief  Fred Orumiene.Chief Akpowaide Etimigba JP. Chief Ebimiere Daki,Chief FJ Kodokodo,Chief Famous Zietemone.Chief Amb Isaiah  Ukulor JP.Chief Fidelix Tubotu,Chief Mathew Pudie,Lacodin Nig Ltd,Hon Dennis Bibaikefie.Chief Prince Ebimene Onaro,Chief Ekpotimi David,Chief Ebi Iseru.Bar David Otutufegha.Chief Bar K.K Iseru & Wife,Bar Osteen Igbabike, Namah Ekpobide, Staff members of Evatimi Global Ventures Ltd, Chief Ken DONYE, Chief Peter Fianka, late Capt Kalarubo Bunuzigha, Chief Pilot Peter Y Elami Komi, Papa 11, Dr Aghogho,ECHIE Collins Idika & Wife,Chief Austine Enekorogha JP. Elder Alfred Iyepade,Chief Jeremiah O Iyepade, Newman Iyepade,Comrade Edoukumo James,Hon Chief Alex Enekorogha JP, Hon Johnbull Tanga,Comrade Solomon  Gbegha,Mr Julius Akpobuloukemi,Comrade Newworld Endoro,Comrade Community led by Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill, Amb. Salaco Yerinmene, Comr. Ebolo Samuel, Comr. Williams Welemu and a host of others, Chairman and entire members of Ofougbene Community, Non-Indigene Married Women Association of Ofougbene. The entire members of Ikele family of Odimodi,Chairman and Entire members of Burutu, Forcados and Yeye Communities,Pastor Daniel Ebonor,Prophet Foloki,Pastor Austine,Members of Diebiri/batan Community,Uncle Johnbull Okuwei and my Parents who stood  by me and till date and others too numerous to mention.

Her daughter Ebiakpor Etimigba also pens a sorrowful message to immortalise her late mother. 

“Leaving to thin air after all of these years without bidding us farewell or even giving us a warning wasn’t a good thing. A Whole YEAR seems like yesterday, the whole incidence still remains fresh in all of our memories. I just really wish you had to stay longer and see what fate has in stock for all of us and see how we gonna grow and be good women and make you very proud. 

“Anyways,Everything happens for a reason, God has a reason for taking you away from us and we will always understand that. 

“Your memories will forever remain fresh in my heart both the good and bad times and even the worse ones. I want you to know that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and no one is ever going to  replace your space in my heart. 

“I want to tell you that you should know that we’re all doing fine and you should worry less about us. We promise to give you a very BIG smile😊on your face no matter what.

One Year in Mind 

Your daughter 

Ebiakpor Etimigba”

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