One Year In Office: Akpule Recounts Achievements Of Delta State Commisioner For Oil And Gas 

By Binebai Princewill 

Today the 30th of July 2020 marked exactly one year in office that the reigning Delta State commissioner for Oil and Gas, Prince Emman Amgbaduba who was officially inaugurated by the Delta State Governor this same day in 2019 at Asaba along with some other commissioners in the state executive council. 

In an exclusive chat with Comr. Emmanuel Gesikekeme Akpule, Special Assistant (SA) to the honourable Commissioner Delta State Ministry of Oil and Gas, Prince Emman Amgbaduba, the SA hinted The Liberator Newspaper on some of the sterling achievements of the commisioner within the last one year. 

Comr. Akpule noted that the one year in office by the commisioner for oil and gas, Delta State is worth celebrating as he has performed overwhelming within the last 12 months. 

However, Akpule while recounting some of these achievements noted that Prince Emman Amgbaduba has made glowing history in the state and for himself with undeletable records that will stand the test of time in his bid to leave lasting legacies. 

Some of the highlighted achievements are stated below:

1 Restructuring of the Ministry Of Oil and Gas from a three departments directorate to a full fledged ministry of six departments. 

2 The ministry is now a revenue generating ministry to the Government of Delta State. 

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3 The ministry take GMoUs very serious between host communities and Multinational Companies, inaugurates  Iduwini Delta Cluster Development Board (SPDC); Okpai and Sterling, Chevron and Egbema/Gbaramatu Communities Development Foundation (EGCDF); Chevron and Itsekiri regional development council (IRDC).

Others are ongoing, Midwestern Oil and Gas Company and Umusadege, OML 26 GMOU, OML 34, OML 65 mediation.

Worthy of note, Pan Ocean Limited that has been operating at Uwa-alero for over 10 years without any agreement with the host communities has been made to start a GMoU process. 

4 Facilitated the release of relief materials to host communities of OML 26 by NPDC/SHN to Ogulagha Kingdom, Burutu, Forcados, Ofougbene, Odimodi and Yeye communities, Iduwini Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State over alleged dump of chemicals on the Ogulagha shores and death of aquatic lives. 

5 During the lockdown, monitored petrol stations to ensure compliance across the state. 

6 Disputes resolved so far within the last one year include Umusadege Vs Midwestern Oil and Gas, Beniseide Shutdown, Ubagbelemeji/Ugbegugu/Chevron, Igbide Vs Heritage Oil Company, Olomoro Vs Heritage, OML 30 shutdown.

Others still on the process of negotiation include  Beneku Vs Seepco as well as OML 42 that is undergoing negotiation. 

The Delta State ministry of Oil and Gas under the command of Prince Ambgaduba also commissioned GMoU projects in Iduwini Delta, Ogulagha Kingdom as well as Ndokwa West.

The SA noted that the transformation  brought by Amgbaduba to the ministry are enough the list would be endless. 

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