Opinion: Dikio A Hope Of What Is Possible In Niger Delta – Bakumor, Dumale

Prior To the coming of Col Dikio to manning the Amnesty office as its current Interim Coordinator. I was known to be in the forefront in ensuring that we have a new amnesty boss that understands the terrain and the actual pains of the Ex Agitators . 

I was among many others who were quite skeptical about him because of the Paranoia of a certain group of people trying to Hijack the Amnesty office or possibly even end the program that has relatively kept the peace in the Niger delta Region . 

However as the saying goes sometimes we cannot judge a book by its Cover , in this case his military background, but as God would have it as I was able to get closer to him I found a man that is honest with sincerity of purpose, I found a man full of knowledge, and one that is actually passionate about the Niger delta regional development , one that has the truest intentions to do his quatar to bring relative peace and prosperity to the region , one who matches his words with actions and is seen to making moves to actually effect these dreams and vision of his in ensuring that the amnesty program succeeds beginning with his back to the region Policy , and constant interactions and engagement with the leaders ,stakeholders and beneficiaries of the program.

Hence I on behalf of the Strategic Communication Committee chaired  by Pastor Nature hereby wish to call on Ijaws and Niger Deltans to support him in achieving his goals for Ijaw nation and the entire region , as We amongst many others have come to find confidence in Him . 

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Ellington Bakumor Spokesman Amnesty Strategic communications committee 
Mr Nature Dumale Kieghe Chairman Amnesty Strategic Communications Committee

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