Opinion: Reasons Southern PDP Should Jettison Her Interest And Focuss On Securing Victory First


First I, am gonna sound like a betrayer since am from southern Nigeria because nature behoves on me, to protect my region’s interest in the scheme of things politically and issues surrounding the 2023 general elections and precisely presidential election.

And it is a norm in our clime that religion, ethnicity and regionalism plays very sensitive roles in our political culture and that everyone is expected to protect his own jettisoning merit, spread of political tentacles, financial war chest and other arsenals needed to winning an election in our clime (Nigeria).

But am here to have a different view against the resolution by the PDP southern governors that the PDP presidential candidate must come to the South by all means and that it’s the turn of the south to produce the next PDP president.

But be as that sounds good and unique we, must be conscious of the fact that when the chips are down the chicken must come to it’s roost and that’s where ethnicity, religion demography, money, wide acceptance and political connections plays the most vital roles which many southern PDP politicians don’t have at the moment.

And does Atiku, has all of the above items? No but he, has about 50% of them needed to win a presidential election in Nigeria in all classification like he did and won in last election that he was robbed up to the supreme Court on a broad daylight.

We all know how the Apc operates currently in Nigeria as regards rigging an election, they don’t give a fuck about what anyone including the Constitution and international community has to say as long they satisfy their insatiable quest for state power. So the PDP needs someone with strong political clout,someone who has played and have had experience in the game, with political and financial war chest and acceptance across the divide to be able to win the 2023 presidential election.

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Am sorry to sound this way but if we must be realistic to ourselves there is no politician apart from former president Goodluck Jonathan in southern PDP that can win a presidential election with above listed needed items, even the governors issuing such threat doesn’t have such items that take on an Apc presidential candidate with full enforcement of federal might.

Mind you ain’t trying to discredit southern PDP members but the truth remains we must first secure victory before we think of sharing from it’s spoilts because the current Apc we know aren’t ready to relinquish power to an unknown face that they aren’t sure of protecting their interest somehow if they eventually lost power.

Am not holding brief for Atiku, ain’t his media aide not his friend but I think salvaging Nigeria from the current shackles of darkness under the Apc led federal government needs realistic approaches and not political sentiment.

We may tend to whip ethnic and regional sentiments on this but we will be faced with the realties of our political miscalculations at the outcomes of the election results.

So am, appealing to the southern PDP governors and all critical stakeholders of the party to again give the presidential slot to the north and microozone to the northwest while the south should still retain the national chairmanship slot and work closely together sacrificing personal and group interest to secure Victory first before thinking of sharing from it’s spoilts.

I will end this piece with words from Ahmed Bola Tinubu, who once said and I quote “No matter the beauty of your intellectual construct it can’t subdue reality” so the PDP should situate the above statement to it’s current power sharing saga and face reality to secure Victory come 2023.

Michael Tare Enaigbagha,
A political Activist,
Writes from Lagos State.

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